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  • verb

Synonyms for exteriorize

to represent (an abstraction, for example) in or as if in bodily form

Synonyms for exteriorize

bring outside the body for surgery, of organs

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make external or objective, or give reality to

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Formal distortion of that reality is used by artists of the genre to exteriorize the metaphysical vision of human existence.
In "'Summertime,'" Hayden writes in the third person, which allows him to be "a little more objective, exteriorize up to a point.
While monastic contemplatives and mystics could daily make interior salvific journeys, those in the world had to exteriorize theirs in the infrequent undertaking of a pilgrimage.
Great screen actors have this extraordinary ability to exteriorize emotions so as to bring you deeply inside their experience.
The narrative of difference has as its base the differentialized ego; however, Lyotard faces a similar aporia as that of Descartes: how to exteriorize my own interior ego and connect it to other egos of difference, especially given the reality that people do this to some degree in already-existing political and socio-cultural conventions.
Ginsberg and Kerouac exteriorize from themselves into "bodies growing into mad black formal sunflowers .
Fascinated by interiors that exteriorize him, not only does he stage his being a third in an activity between two, but he stages his outsideness.
Cheesman found that the four leading causes of failure and the impetus behind revision surgery were (1) an inadequate cartilaginous meatoplasty, (2) a high facial ridge, (3) inadequate management of air-cell disease, and (4) a failure to exteriorize all cholesteatoma.
Thus Grotowski's solution is to exteriorize the inner truth of an actor, a role, and human action.
Even if you generally exteriorize the uterus for repair, as I do, it is a good idea to occasionally repair the uterine incision without exteriorization.
to test the capacity of the human mind to exteriorize or externalize
My purpose, in translating these lines, is to translate and further exteriorize, or show, this rhythm of wandering margins, and its poly-perspectival multilayering of consciousness, to extend its significance beyond the confines of the mind of the gunner and of this poem, by means of interjective collage and by distinctive yet promiscuous punctuations: (14)
Body movements can exteriorize involuntarily and unconscious processes and many contemporary choreographers, like their forerunner Isadora Duncan, look for the first code of gestures or "first movement" prior to the aesthetic codification of kinesics (see, e.
Previously reported techniques using stomas to exteriorize the Roux limb or antireflux valves (113-115) have been subsequently abandoned either owing to associated complications or lack of effectiveness.