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A series of other constructions exist which focus on the penis as exteriorised but also as relating to some miniaturised, yet often agentic, version of masculinity; in other words, constructions which understand the penis as having a mind of its own to some extent (probably deriving from involuntary erections and nocturnal emissions).
The physical meaning of tzelem was emphasized in a paper by Paul Humbert, who concluded from a study of tzelem and demut in the Bible that the phrase betzalmenu ki-demutenu, 'our image according to our likeness' in Genesis 1:26 means that man was created "with the same physical form as the deity; of which he is a molded three-dimensional embodiment; delineated and exteriorised.
He atones for the past through a compelling confession and although he dies towards the finale, Munashe has exteriorised a troubled conscience.
The exteriorised repairs were slightly quicker and used fewer sutures, but in situ suturing was associated with less postoperative pain at 6 hours.
The Gothic is more hidden, and less exteriorised than the Romantic.