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Synonyms for exteriorise

make external or objective, or give reality to

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Malgas is able to exteriorise his conscience into this apparently visionary leader.
All art is an attempt to exteriorise one's sensations and feelings, to give them a form.
He said: "I hit the bench to exteriorise some feelings that I had and I think everyone can understand what those feelings were.
Par l'observation et sa description, le sauvage devient humain, figurable : un reflet de soi, exteriorise, a contempler et non plus une ombre refoulee au dedans de soi.
La cohesion est parfaite, on sent une veritable maitrise, chacun des musiciens exteriorise une formidable energie et dans chaque solo il y a du delire, une excitation, voire de l'extase.
Elle exteriorise les etats d'ame instantanes et extatiques dont la forme archetypale recurrente est la forme lyrique.
What attracted Boulez to Char was "the clipped violence of his style, the unequalled paroxysm, the purity" (Boulez quoted by Griffiths 1995: 16); what he identified as Char's "power to sum up his world in an extremely concise form of expression, to exteriorise it and to fling it far away from him" (Deliege & Boulez [1975]1976: 44).