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embodying in an outward form

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The decision regarding the type of surgery needs to balance the risk of an anastomotic dehiscence to the inconvenience of bowel exteriorisation.
The camel soft palate diverticulum: structure and mechanism of its oral exteriorisation.
The general form of Hansen's argument seems to be that if representation is exteriorisation then exteriorisation (or exteriority in general) is representation.
If you can put up with - and even understand - phrases like 'a so-called catalytic exteriorisation phenomenon' then go for it.
Non-operative procedures included decompression by rigid or flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy and barium enema; non-resectional procedures included operative detorsion, mesosigmoidoplasty, colopexy and extraperitonealisation; and resectional procedures included PRA, HP, Mikulicz resection, exteriorisation and subtotal colectomy.
The entire infection cycle, from adhesion of the conidia to the cuticle, penetration, colonisation and exteriorisation during the disease cycle, was histologically studied with a novel staining preparation and light microscopy, observing the development of the entomopathogen structures.
One might call this an exteriorisation of one's motive.
Depending on the level of contamination and impending septicemia, resection of gangrenous portion of bowel with exteriorisation of the proximal and distal end was done in all the cases of gangrene involving small bowel.
In conclusion, regarding both types of cosmopolitans, we argue that they are misled in their exteriorisation of the concept of nationalism.
Percy Bysshe Shelley suggested the notion of the exteriorisation of conscience as far back as the early 1800s: by this he meant that the majority of humans did not have the wherewithal to develop their own ethical conscience, preferring for external persons or systems to provide it rather than do the arduous and thankless, perhaps even impossible, work on their own.
more complex dialectical interplay between the exteriorisation of evil
There are proponents of each method, and it is claimed that while exteriorisation allows better access to the incision and therefore faster stitching, the technique causes increased vagal stimulation and nausea.
Ce "greffage" linguistique et stylistique semble refleter un metissage des langues (cher a Senghor) mais aussi une exteriorisation de la condition vecue.