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partially excusing or justifying

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A clearly-worded clause in the code of practice on extenuating circumstances would confirm that students are able to seek academic support from a welfare or personal tutor, ensuring their academic performance will not suffer while they begin their recovery.
I did have quite a few non-runners following my morphine positive, but there were extenuating circumstances for that and I can't actually remember the last time I self-certified one of my horses.
According to NCUA Director of Examination and Insurance Larry Fazio, the 84 credit unions were also given a third option: "Request reconsideration of the CMP due to an extenuating circumstance.
In fact, the mortgages were obtained over a 15-month period and each mortgage excused the primary residence requirement if the bank waived it or if there were extenuating circumstances.
The woman is mother of many children, which is considered extenuating circumstance.
Also their appeal structure is held in secret, whether you have extenuating circumstances or not, you will still lose and have to pay up.
Criminal case law is replete with examples of extenuating circumstances cited as reasons for lesser, or at least non-lethal, punishment.
Students are competing for jobs and they need as good a degree as they can get and so if they under-perform due to extenuating circumstances they want that opportunity to improve.
It's extenuating circumstances and whereas he wasn't the one to have the child, it's still a big day for any man, so we've tried to give him a bit of space.
The members of the Chamber should also say whether they believe the fact that the money has been invested in the country should be regarded as an extenuating circumstance.
Even by taking into the account some extenuating circumstances for Branko Crvenkovski, now the duty for clarifying the unjust privatization falls on the shoulders of the present authority.
In its statement, Dorel pointed out the extenuating circumstances of the infant's death.
This is a clear case for extenuating circumstances.
The judge freed Kenneth Blight, 51, saying there were exceptional and extenuating circumstances.
The court has said that only the university's decision in respect of Mrs Clarke's extenuating circumstances application must be considered afresh.