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a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part

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Changes in mechanical load and extensor muscle activity in the cervico-thoracic spine induced by sitting posture modification.
38), (12) In addition, the present findings are similar to findings from Clark et al (12) and Sullivan and Hawthorne (39) of individuals with systolic HF, where reduced knee extensor muscle strength (measured isokinetically) was related to decreased exercise tolerance (measured by peak oxygen consumption).
There were no significant differences between the subgroups of FM patients in NTP, Ms, 6MWT, HS, knee flexor and extensor muscle strength (except knee extensor PT at 60[degrees]/s), and proprioceptive acuity (Table 2).
38) Unexpectedly, this present study found no significant correlation between activity limitation and each of static and dynamic back extensor muscle endurance.
Flexor muscles do the pulling up and extensor muscles pull the arm back down.
A lift (ArjoHuntleigh; Malmo, Sweden) mounted in the ceiling was available to transfer subjects onto the isokinetic dynamometer chair (Biodex Medical Systems Inc; Shirley, New York) in order to measure torque generated by the knee extensor muscle group.
Obtained multi-regressional model is defined by variables which measure the development of maximum voluntary isometric leg extensor muscle force on the absolute and relative level, as well as variables which measure the development of specific explosive force of the same muscle group on absolute and relative level, this could use as a tool for swimming coaches to control the direction and extent of development of a given force characteristics for providing conditions for start improvement in highly trained elite male sprint swimmers.
Therefore, active ROM exercises are recommended, holding arms at full extension when sitting and standing, using night splints (especially when flexion contracture begins to develop), and extensor muscle strengthening exercises.
Therefore, forearm flexor and extensor muscle activity in response to vibration exposure and the vibration transmitted to the bicycle's stem were investigated.
Valta T, Juvonen I, Partanen J, Taimela S, Lindgren K and Airaksinen O (1999): Back and hip extensor muscle function during therapeutic exercises.
Maximum isometric knee flexor and extensor muscle contraction: Normal pattern of torque versus time.
Consequently, exercise programs which increase knee extensor muscle strength and thus, potentially internal knee extensor moments, may not result in increased compressive knee joint reaction forces.
The DaimlerChrysler Technology Center Ergonomics Committee found that the newest Spaceball 4000 FLX minimizes flexor and extensor muscle movements, requires less ulnar and radial deviation, and reduces pinch grip.
The high-intensity training group received an 8-week, progressive resistance exercise program for the isolated lumbar extensor muscle groups.
Findings showed that the main limitation of the ski simulators was the low knee extensor muscle activations required.
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