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a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part

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The tests were implemented as follows: a) isometric strength of the back extensor and flexor muscles, three repetitions for each of directions at 60[degrees] flexion; and b) isokinetic concentric muscle strength of the back extensor and flexor muscles, three repetitions at 60[degrees]/s angular speed and 16 repetitions at 120[degrees]/s angular speed.
LATERAL SURFACE: The tendon of the muscle lateral digital extensor (TMLDE) was seen in the lateral region of the distal radius.
The aim of this work is to highlight the unusual morphology of the distal part of the extensor polices longus muscle, and to test the role that the muscle might play in the range of the thumb movement.
This finding was also supported when evaluating individual muscles as instrument B resulted in significantly more muscle load at the median and peak percentiles for both the extensor digitorum longus and the fiexor pollicis longus muscles when compared to the other instruments.
6) Without a stable extensor process, and thus a fully functional propatagium and alula, a bird will not be able to fly.
The adjustment was especially important because the nonsurgical group had better function at baseline, with significantly stronger grip and pinch strength, better Michigan Hand Questionnaire (MHQ) scores, and significantly better ulnar drift, extensor lag, and arc of motion than did the surgical group (Arthritis Care Res.
The superficial interval between the extensor carpi radialis brevis and the extensor digitorum communis was incised and the supinator muscle belly was exposed (Figs.
El musculo extensor digital largo del pie (extensor digitalis longus) se origino por un tendon aplanado en el extremo distal del femur; su cuerpo carnoso, voluminoso, fusiforme, recorrio la cara dorsal de la pierna, donde estuvo sujeto por una vaina tendinosa fibrosa junto al musculo tibial craneal; en distal del tarso lo sujeto una vaina tendinosa fibrosa propia y en proximal del metatarso III se dividio en tres tendones; el medial se inserto en la primera y segunda falange de los dedos II y III, el intermedio lo hizo en la segunda falange del dedo III y el lateral en distal del metatarso III se dividio en dos ramas, que se insertaron en la tercera falange de los dedos III y IV.
Conclusion: Although the pathology of post-traumatic knee stiffness is complex, satisfactory results can be obtained using individualized treatment based on the course of the disease, the degree of extensor mechanism involved, physical examination, and ancillary results.
The lesions mostly occur on the extensor aspects of arms and legs.
In particular, predictors of knee replacement included knee extensor weakness in the year prior to knee replacement and longitudinal deterioration in knee extensor strength over a 2-year observation period prior to surgery.
The patellar tendon is one of the most important tendons in the human body as it forms an integral part of the extensor mechanism of the knee which has an essential role in gait.
The protocols were: (i) static stretching for both hip flexor and extensor muscles (SFSE), (ii) dynamic stretching for both hip flexor and extensor muscles (DFDE), (iii) static stretching for the hip flexors and dynamic stretching for hip extensors (SFDE), and (iv) dynamic stretching for the hip flexors and static stretching for hip extensors (DFSE).
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