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Synonyms for extensiveness

large or extensive in breadth or importance or comprehensiveness


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Further, the demands on the physical distribution system increase as product line extensiveness increases.
The intricacy and extensiveness of Simmons' subject also adds a complexity to the organization of material, and in order to break this material into manageable sections Simmons has chosen not to stick to one steady chronological coverage but instead moves back and forth in history, covering a variety of related themes in the six chapters of the book.
According to AAA, establishments that are approved receive a rating of One to Five Diamonds based on the extensiveness of services, facilities, and amenities.
According to this introduction, in order to respond to the given problems, it is suggested to explore the relation between reason and the essence in Avicenna's works, whose philosophical system is a combination of the most important basic elements of peripatetic-Aristotelian philosophy and some specific Neoplatonic worldview on Islamic and religious worldview because with the depth and extensiveness of his works he can be an appropriate representative for Islamic philosophy.
Al-Rabeeah also explained that the ministry planned a national project for Integrated and Comprehensive Health Care, based on the values of extensiveness and equitable distribution of health services.
The extensiveness of popular protests against the al-Khalifa regime has cause horror and panic among the Bahraini and Saudi regimes, hence they have resorted to the strategy of creating a rift between the country's Shiites and Sunnis," he stated.
These range from the extensiveness of supported formats, the extent of document feature conversion, editing features, digital signatural security, printer compatibility, and ease of use.
If "the main advantage of LesMu is the extensiveness of its corpus" (User Manual, p.
The extensiveness of this list is perhaps another sign that we live in a "noir" age--skeptical, if not cynical, about heroism in particular and greatness in general.
We feel that it may yet fail due to the initial bad timing of the launch of the process and the limitations considering the extensiveness of the documentation needed as well as the regulator's strange and inexplicable decision making process regarding extensions requested by operators.
The extensiveness of the infection and the patient's frailty and unwillingness to undergo a disfiguring procedure precluded surgery, and her medical condition was too fragile to wlthstand amphotericin B therapy.
The discussion transcripts were coded, and analyzed according to (a) frequency, the number of times a theme was addressed; (b) extensiveness, the number of people who discussed a theme; and (c) intensity, the emotional strength of a response (Krueger, 1998).
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