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Synonyms for extensiveness

large or extensive in breadth or importance or comprehensiveness


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While our analysis revealed clear similarities and patterns across programs, we also found substantial differences in the extensiveness and quality of how lessons and programs provided opportunities to ground coursework in practice (see Table 4).
He highlighted the importance of exclusivity and extensiveness in brand partners.
2010) is based on the dimensions fidelity and extensiveness.
Of the book's four chapters, however, only one focuses on a novel: chapter 1 analyzes Matthew Arnold's figuration of the crowd and of strangers in both his criticism and poetry; chapter 2 examines how George Eliot's Middlemarch (1871 to 1872) "thematizes and makes over into a formal concern both the socially intimate appeal of intensive engagement and the promises of social extensiveness indexed by strangers" (75); chapter 3 considers Oscar Wilde's use of epigrams as "a means of managing social complexity" (107); and the final chapter centres on Henry James's "awkward encounters" (140) (on the page and in person) with Eliot--encounters that provided "the pleasures of intimacy at distance" (140) that would become the ground for close reading.
The relationship among mean ADC values and topographical analysis scores at the admission of the patients with admission time, extensiveness of parenchymal involvement, deep gray matter involvement and clinical findings was examined.
But in addition to these concepts being implicitly distinguished from the phenomena by the scientists' awareness, they are indirectly aware of their non-conceptual consciousness of the aspects of phenomena (phenomena having a substantive individuality, independence, extensiveness and continuity).
the City of Detroit and of state and federal authorities, and he outlines the extensiveness of state repression directed against the RNA.
Of these, there were perhaps three outstanding performers, based on the quality and extensiveness of their repertoires: Sam Larner of Winterton, Harry Cox of Catfield, and Walter Pardon of Knapton.
Alan Benson, in his usual unassuming way, prefers to hide the importance and extensiveness of his work under his current title as Development Editor, developing our social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) and keeping them filled with interesting content.
Clinical presentation and treatment outcomes depend on the importance of irrigation areas of the dissected vessel, and the extensiveness of the dissection [9, 17].
Instead, the "complexities and extensiveness of mothering practices and performances" (Nzinga-Johnson, 2013, p.
Moreover, we report that there is evidence for differences in ERP complexity and implementation extensiveness in the two cultures.
But such extensiveness upends the constitutional rule against a warrantless search.
In addition, the quality and extensiveness of infrastructure networks significantly impact economic growth and reduce income inequalities and poverty in a variety of ways.
For example, it is straight-forward for an application provider to create a turnkey virtual machine to run an application--regardless of installation complexity, extensiveness of dependency chaining, or painful reliance package version numbers.
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