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defining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies

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On a lighter topic, interpersonally, friends can communicate about attractive males or females, extensionally, by employing predefined appraiser terms as descriptors.
The second distinction is not obviously equivalent to the first, not even extensionally.
Second, current analytic philosophy could conceive of this domain only extensionally, as a set or a set-like something.
Indeed, using fluorescence anisotropy observations, we have observed significant dye orientation in a matrix of extensionally stretched crosslinked polybutadiene, and polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate films (5, 11).
The following claims are made and defended: (1) As deployed by Lewis, the notion of world is modal, for the analyses he proposes are extensionally adequate only if he takes world to mean possible-as-opposed-to-impossible world; (2) Lewis's actual argument against impossible worlds is question-begging; (3) A prima facie case can be made for the claim that Lewis is in fact committed to the existence of impossible worlds.
Extensionally speaking, clauses are ongoing in Nuosu when they incorporate one of the following lexical and grammatical elements:
For the extensionally degraded samples, there is a critical molecular weight ([M.
Second, it is difficult to cash out "over-and-aboveness" in a way that is rigorous, metaphysically pure, and extensionally apt for the purposes of the debate.
The intensionally oriented would not lean toward testing and verifying results whereas the extensionally oriented would.
The overview is extensionally identical to the prepositional forms discussed in chapter 3.
Along the way, an extensionally correct and practically useful criterion for identifying nomically intrinsic dispositions is proposed and one objection raised by Lewis against the simple conditional analysis of dispositions is criticized.
1) Over/under-defined terms are indeterminate in extensional meaning until they can be specified extensionally through hard data.
One might argue that in the English sentences in (58b)-(60b) the semantics of the activities on one's body could be observed as well, as long as extensionally the same body activities are expressed here as in the German corresponding ones.
In my quest to capture my sources' lofty thoughts about the highly abstracted emotions that art can express, I fell into the trap of asking questions so intensional that they were impossible to answer extensionally.
35) Still, the picture plane is not simply extensionally constituted, but a dynamic ontogenesis of forces.