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defining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies

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In terms of both breaking the basic legal relations down into their smallest relational pieces and seeing in rem rights as a collection of individual rights, the synthetic Hohfeldian and Realist approach may be extensionally equivalent to a right to a thing good against the world, but it is intensionally very different.
Its validity can be explained extensionally without inquiring into the meanings of "A," "B," or "C," provided they are class terms.
However, Tamil verbs are more flexible in that they can be used extensionally in ways prohibited by English.
extensionally of a collection of individuals, but this use may be derivative, in the sense that it is the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
More practically, that means to read extensionally rather than representationally, to read what is said as a continuation of its own subject matter rather than as a communication detached from that subject matter, to read the midrash as a performance of the text, but not one that mimics or echoes the text from a distance as much as a performance that continues the performance the text is already enacting.
The middle term in both arguments is the word linguist(s), which extensionally belongs to the model "Correlative (sub)class for the subject of the statement and Subclass for the predicate of the statement.
Neither the classical 'fidelity' of deduction nor the Cantorian doctrine of actual and extensionally determined infinities survives intact.
It is an interesting point whether these alternatives are just two different ways of describing the same thing, or whether they are in fact different things, but in terms of the award the plaintiff receives they are extensionally equivalent.
When defining the mapping between concepts of the global schema and concepts of the local schemas, each concept from the global schema is defined in terms of extensionally overlapping concepts at sources.
Grammatical individuals need not be ontological individuals; they are not necessarily extensionally equivalent.
First, it is empirically false that the categories of morally and criminally justified conduct are extensionally identical.
As I shall explain below, I have been using the term 'story' as extensionally equivalent to Forster's term 'plot'.
Notice that by this definition, all the literals in a clause body are either EDB literals or similarity literals--in other words, the view is "flat," involving only extensionally defined predicates.
The infinitude of the expanded set (actually, the belief set K = Cn({a, b [conjunction] c}) is already extensionally infinite) makes it impossible to implement expansion operations starting with a classical consequence operator.
One possibility is that Barnett believes conception-of-justice utilitarianism to be extensionally equivalent(29) to legal-rule utilitarianism and/or act utilitarianism; in other words, the choice of unit for utility assessment makes no difference in practice.