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defining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies

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The Mesozoic-Cenozoic oil shale-bearing basins in eastern and southern China have the tectonic attributes of extensional basins.
Indeed, since a few years, additional fixtures for measuring extensional viscosity at different strain rates are available for commercial rheometers.
7) He also noted that GS helped to prevent recurrent posttraumatic stress: "Here Korzybski's extensional method of dating and indexing is most important.
Extensional or elongational viscosity is ideal for studying the complex properties of many fluids used in industrial applications.
Thus we characterize the Chanic structures and metamorphism of the Late Devonian and early Carboniferous, the extensional regime related to the Carboniferous basins development, as well as their later contractional deformation during the San Rafael (Gondwanan) orogeny, in early Permian times.
An example of extensional shear is depicted in the accompanying illustration of fiber extrusion.
For a function f :(X, =, [not equal to]) [right arrow] (Y, =, [not equal to]) we say that it is a strongly extensional if and only if ([for all] a, b [member of] X)(F(a) [not equal to] f (b)[right arrow] a [not equal to] b).
I have been asked about extensional viscosity and its measurement.
From 3D seismic-structural interpretations and well data integration, a set of inverted structures were identified, which allowed to establish the relationships between extensional and compressional deformation in the central-south regiOn ("B" and "VIII" blocks) of the Maracaibo Basin, starting with the recognition of a group of inverted structures.
The occurrence of 'wrinkle ridges' within the depression proves that compressive forces as well as extensional forces would be needed to create graben.
As polymers are viscoelastic materials, extensional viscosity (also known as elongational viscosity) as well as shear viscosity should be measured for a more complete understanding of a polymer's properties.
They characterized the extensional rheology of dough prepared using a lubricated squeezing flow technique and a texture analyzer under constant strain rates.
The SER (Sentmanat extension rheometer) system extends a conventional steady rotational rheometer into a robust extensional rheometer for melts and semi-solids, according to the company.
Previous studies (1-4) from our group have examined fluid properties (surface tension, high and low shear viscosities, storage moduli (G') and dynamic uniaxial extensional viscosities (DUEVs) of water-soluble polymer blends and fully formulated waterborne coatings.
In each of these figures, the first region of the signal is the initial portion of the symmetrical extensional mode followed by a higher amplitude anti-symmetrical flexural mode.