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defining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies

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Thus, in many contexts grounding through the exercise of the extensional orientation may be context dependent while in some contexts it may be context invariant.
Specifically, general semanticists have proposed that we can better understand high-order abstractions and help ourselves retreat from the "is" of identity through the application of "a few simple devices called extensional devices, [with which] the structure of language could be modified in such a way as to take into account process, duration of time, uniqueness, specificity, generality, environmental factors, holistic principles, etc.
Following the success of recent RC and diamond drilling at the MM Prospect on the Tankoro property, Sarama has planned infill and extensional drilling campaigns to better define the controls of grade distribution and to extend the interpreted mineralisation along strike, as well as, up and down dip.
The shear and the extensional fields were applied by using steady shear and extensional rheological measurements.
By mixing in the extensional mode the higher (3X) viscosity greatly increases the dispersive effect, breaking down the lesser component with three times the shear stress.
System (A, =, [not equal to], x, [theta]) is ordered semigroup under anti-order if (A, =, [not equal to], x) is a semigroup where the semigroup operation is strongly extensional and relation [theta] is an anti-order relation on (A, =, [not equal to], x).
Extensional viscosity is related to the stress required for the stretching.
Extensional viscosity data (see figure 2 ) differentiate clearly between the two samples, lower values being observed for the sample with a narrower molecular weight distribution (Ziegler-Natta).
Corn meal with alkali-treated bran had the highest extensional viscosity, although the unmodified corn bran also increased the extensional viscosity to a greater degree than that of the control.
The number average molecular weight and the weight average molecular weight of the blends were calculated (equations (3) and (4)), along with the uniaxial extensional viscosity (Table 2).
4 Aristotle merely says that a universal proof must be of something arbitrary as well as of something primary and seems to explain primacy in extensional terms, as concerning the largest possible domain.
The angular relations between the cataclastic rocks and the conglomerate units, combined with the presence of cataclasite clasts in the conglomerate units and evidence of dip-slip faults within the basin, suggest an extensional setting, where listric normal faults outline detachment allochthons.
The geology of the Western United States is the overarching topic of a group of papers discussing temporal changes in the deformation mode of the Colorado River extensional corridor and the timing and nature of tertiary plutonism and extension in the Grouse Creek Mountains of Utah, among other topics.
It is designed to have low extensional viscosity, thus preventing any perception of stringiness, for example in sun care products.
Stephen has a degree in chemistry and polymer science and his PhD thesis focused on 'The extensional flow of polymer solutions'.