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an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line

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84) It is likely the extension phone exemption is also applicable where a family member listens to a conversation to protect another family member against harm.
The extension phone exception, on the other hand, is more difficult to reconcile with the parent-child cases.
KDDI's E02SA, planned for launch in July 2006, enables enterprise users to build an efficient network with a single handset, as it functions as a VoIP extension phone equipped with wireless LAN in the office, as well as an "au" mobile phone outside the office.
Whether it is across the room, across town or halfway around the globe, SoftGnome(TM) lets the PhoneGnome(TM) owner use their home telephone service just as if they were using an extension phone at home.
Claritel users will realize the unit's single number portability from multiple devices; users of the Claritel i750 and Softphone will find they can have the same phone number available from multiple devices, including: access to telephone services from the same extension phone number as from their desk phone.
ESI's Remote IP Feature Phone is identical in appearance and functionality to ESI's traditional in-office extension phone sets.
Extension phone mode allows the connection of a standard telephone set to a payphone for sites requiring a "house" phone for employees and a payphone for customers.
Gone are the days of wiring each room for an extension phone and yelling down the hallway for someone to pick-up a call.
On either line, users can talk hands-free and place calls on hold using the two-line speakerphone with "true hold," which automatically releases a call when an extension phone is picked up.
The CP-760 also provides "True Hold," which enables you to automatically take a call off hold when an extension phone is picked up.
But PCs aren't the only culprits of convenience; Wadden also blames extension phones, garage-door openers, and remote-control television.
This information is in the owner's manual or on the phone itself and is needed by the phone company to make sure there is enough power on your line to ring all the extension phones properly.
The users' smart cell phones function as their PBX extension phones both while in the office via the wireless LAN and while out of the office via a cellular network.
Extension phones cost extra too - and by measuring the electrical draw of your ringer current, Ma Bell could tell if you'd hooked up an extension or a ringer in the barn "on your own hook," so to speak.
It is compatible with current POTS voice features and extension phones in the home or business.