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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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For this reason, a California extension agent recommended that we consider the M&H value listed for "peeled tomatoes" as corresponding most closely to what the value for diced tomatoes would be (since the latter value is not given in M&H).
Training of Public Extension Agents in Nigeria and the Implications for Government's Agricultural Transformation Agenda, " Journal of Agricultural Extension 17(2): 98- 104(2013)
Farmers' enthusiasm for improving their agricultural operations and Congress's offering of federal dollars through the Smith-Lever Act fueled quick growth in the presence of extension agents in rural counties.
41 -- Statements extension agent M=Mean, SD=Standard Deviation, CV= M SD CV R Coefficient variation, R=Rank 1) We are approaching the limit of the 2.
The kit includes battery-operated instruments and safe materials, which can test for the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and potassium, as well as active organic matter, and certain soil physical limitations, for agricultural extension agents to handle in the field.
A large proportion of 57 % in 1986-87 and 43 % in 2005-06 however confirmed that they need no assistance from any extension agent.
Technology advancements also blossomed in 2007, when the first Apple iPhone was released, said Mike Hamilton, Poinsett County extension agent for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.
There is an office, or "mini campus", in each county with one or more extension agent faculty members who are embedded in the community and deliver educational programs based on the needs of county residents.
Directed by Gary Sprinkle and featuring Suzanne Shriner and Andrea Kawabata, UH-CTAHR extension agent, the instructional video demonstrates the three main aspects of integrated CBB management: (1) Sanitation--removing cherries from the orchard in a timely manner; (2) Spraying the fungus--the only legal, effective pesticide for CBB; and (3) Trapping--helping identify trouble spots.
Z5=extension visit, (a dummy variable) which takes the value of unity(1) if the fish farmer was visited by extension agent and zero(0) otherwise(not visited by extension agent)
It has 120 counties, with at least one agriculture and natural resources extension agent in each county, and the support of more than 70 extension specialists--tenure-track faculty with a majority of their distribution of effort in extension--for the state's 83,000 farms.
For 26 years, she was a Worcester County 4-H Extension Agent providing supervision of youth programs, retiring in 1988.
Whether through home economics, children's programs or managing livestock, countless Lane County residents have crossed paths with longtime OSU Extension agent Nellie Oehler.
Extension Agent Ayrat Imamov says his client is happy at Tynecastle and that informal talks have already been held with Kingston on an extension to his deal which expires at the end of the season.
For more information call Jose Chaparro at the University of Florida at 352-392-1928, or Les Harrison, Leon County agricultural extension agent at 850-606-5206.