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Jacinto 6 EP: Extended processing performance and concurrencies "Jacinto 6 EP" is a processing leader in the infotainment segment with 1.
Due to the surge of last-minute submissions, there has been an extended processing time.
This new product replaces the existing eXtended Processing Complex (XPC) for the Unisys ClearPath Dorado line of servers.
Maxim will provide content for several technical seminars and present demos on the company's highly integrated analog and mixed-signal solutions for the Xilinx[R] 7 series and Kintex[TM]-7field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and the Zynq[TM]-7000 Extended Processing Platform.
The fast and controllable, continuous decanter juicing delivers pristine product undamaged by generated heat or extended processing times to give a better looking and tasting end product.
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