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Synonyms for extended

Synonyms for extended

Synonyms for extended

relatively long in duration

fully extended or stretched forth


drawn out or made longer spatially

beyond the literal or primary sense

large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity


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Credit extended under the secondary credit program is granted at a rate above the primary credit rate.
Virtually all of the six largest international accounting firms, as well as some regional firms, offer some level of extended audit services, and many have added internal audit professionals to their staffs to bolster these capabilities.
Under the one-year and extended maintenance contracts, customers were entitled to receive, for no additional consideration, all future updates, cyclical releases and rewrites of the underlying software.
Choice also created franchise development, franchise services and sales support teams dedicated to the extended stay segment.
By virtue of that election, the period for assessing tax with respect to the activity in question was extended until Apr.
On July 29, 2005, Extended Systems and Sybase announced the signing of the merger agreement under which Sybase will acquire Extended Systems.
Extended Systems' Bluetooth software consists of the core protocol stack plus application level profiles that make Bluetooth wireless communications possible.
E[acute accent]About Extended Systems' Mobile Device Solutions
Extended Systems has more than nine years experience in inventing and supplying wireless protocol solutions and currently participates within the standards organizations for the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), Infrared Data Association (IrDA) and Bluetooth(R) Special Interest Group (SIG).
Extended Systems' XTNDConnect PC desktop synchronization software provides simple, one-click synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks, e-mail, and notes between mobile devices and popular PC applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and now Novell GroupWise.
Synchronica has a proven track record with leading European and US handset manufacturers and an excellent product with unique automation and logging facilities," said Charles Jepson, president and CEO at Extended Systems.
Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTNDE), a leading provider of mobile application solutions for the enterprise, announced today that it has partnered with Tekco Technologies, Co.
Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTNDE), a leading mobile platform and services provider of business-critical applications, announced today that its OneBridge Mobile Solutions Platform is being used to power Weight Watchers On-the-Go(TM), the industry's first mobile weight-loss application that syncs with a Web-based subscriber account via the Internet.
ERI - Extended Retail Industry journal will offer a forward-looking approach to providing in-depth analysis about the effective integration of people, process, and technology to create current business strategies that have long-term, sustainable ROI.