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Synonyms for extemporize

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for extemporize

manage in a makeshift way

perform without preparation

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The scene is structured in such a way as to allow Puck unrestrained extemporizing, as he dances around the befuddled actors, while Bottom's only response is to blunder around in confusion.
Contemporizing and extemporizing in ways that make Diary of a Bad Year feel very unlike a novel and more like diffuse commentary, Coetzee has created a clever superstructure filled with philosophical self-interrogation on questions of political, artistic and erotic moralities.
As an actress, Andreini was accustomed to extemporizing her poems, so her verses "have a strong rhetorical cast and a direct simplicity of subject" (2).
It is a method of analysis not ideally suited to extemporizing torts.
in part extemporizing, that blazed with poetic flashes of intellectual lightning" (qtd.
In another face-off he protects two guests and himself from arrest by extemporizing an outlandish explanation of his guests' mutually hostile behavior.
In a follow-up interview, he said that such extemporizing on complex topics comes naturally to him.
In oral cultures, including the more oral parts of contemporary culture, people compete with words in contests ranging from "playing the dozens," to swapping insults, to extemporizing a rap song.
One Slight Hitch,'' for all its witty banter, bursts of low comedy and Van Dusen extemporizing, is a kind of love story.
Materials (metal mesh and plaster) and forms are shaped by acoustic and technical imperatives (reverberation time caters for chamber and symphony orchestras, and opera), but in extemporizing on the functional, Ricciotti has produced something of great poetic drama.
This powerful sense of the ending might be why Nick finds the aimless extemporizing of Daisy and Jordan to be a little too unconcerned with how conversations will conclude and what they will mean.
32) Presumably she was less adept than Tarlton at extemporizing, at exploring the subversive and irreverent oral culture of the alehouses, "the new-founde phrases of the taverne," but she was his equal in acquiring a reputation as a heavy drinker.
He then "proves" his own sanity by extemporizing bad (and rather vicious) poetry, "Now I lie me" (191), a poem suggestive of his 1926-27 story "Now I Lay Me" a story in which memory, "never true" (DIA 100), is pitted against the true fictions of waking nightmares.
There are only two such times: during the action (more properly called improvising, extemporizing, ad-libbing, muddling through, acting on the spur of the moment, or flying by the seat of one's pants) and after the action (more properly called commentary, criticism, hindsight, second guessing, or Monday morning quarterbacking).
I begin by extemporizing, I note that the poem is full of images of junk, that human values are reduced to mechanisms, that human beings have been reduced to junk sculpture, to damaged goods, that.