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  • verb

Synonyms for extemporize

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for extemporize

manage in a makeshift way

perform without preparation

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His extemporized merriments were not put on paper and have not survived.
While improvised or extemporized wordplay is one of the fundamental traits of the song style, singers should adhere to the txwm (rhyming couplets) at the beginning of phrases.
interspersing the fine, sonorous flowing of mysticism in a foreign tongue with harsh, extemporized dissertations composed half of the bleak and bloodless logic which he remembered from his father on interminable New England Sundays, and half of immediate hellfire and tangible brimstone of which any country Methodist circuit rider would have been proud.
Prior to 9/11, engagement by 'developed countries' and international donors with 'fragile states' was extemporized.
5) The emergence in California and Australia of what Marx, writing for the New York Daily Tribune in 1853, termed "two worlds of gold, extemporized, as it were, by the imaginative powers of the modern demiurge," would invite a comparably imaginative re-calibration in political economy.
The plan worked to perfection, including one small, extemporized addition.
Even an extemporized meal of cheese sandwiches grilled on the wood stove can have a certain rustic appeal - at first.
Dotting the gallery floor, like a sparse archipelago, the stones--mottled with living moss and lichens--seemed like an extemporized display of some naturalist's homemade collection.
1), a definition that should be supplemented by the definition for descant as a noun: "A melodious accompaniment to a simple musical theme (the plainsong), sung or played, and often merely extemporized, above it, and thus forming an air to its bass: the earliest form of counterpoint" (n.
The rule extends both (1) to exhibits that counsel intends later to introduce and (2) to those that will not be used subsequently in the trial but are either extemporized (as a blackboard) or prepared in advance of trial to summarize a claim.
Since he spoke no Chinese, finding the language unpalatable, he wrote his lecture on the blackboard as he extemporized it, to make sure the students could follow his drift; this was just as well, given that a combination of slurred rapidity and mumbling made his speech difficult even for English audiences, even if he had remembered (which he sometimes didn't) to put his false teeth in.
The genre, examined thoroughly by Paul Oliver in his seminal work Songsters and Saints, consisted of extemporized narratives on biblical themes--sermons, if you will, though abbreviated to fit the three-minute recording format--most often supported by snatches of ecstatic song and apparently spontaneous expression by accompanying members of the 'congregation'.
perversely extemporized and memory-daunting a fashion of drilling this
Although the French and their Indian allies would continue to wage la petite guerre in the forests with ambushes, scalping raids, and extemporized sieges, the strategic balance now depended on who could bring the largest conventional forces to bear at the key point--Quebec.
Notwithstanding this, a trend among Jewish religious nationalists for establishing extemporized pilgrimage sites elsewhere in Palestine (i.