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And many sections take a theme or word and extemporize an extended (jazz) riff on it.
Hideo: "Well, Art, I knew that they were three-and-four on the bases with five holding, so it was down to me to extemporize the situation with a long- ball thwart down to second which would let Randy Zoovermaier make it home for a three- up-two-down single end trouser press.
Does McCain want to answer questions about Terry Schiavo or extemporize on whether abortion doctors should receive the death penalty?
3) Hood's proud 'I have made up nothing' sits uncomfortably alongside a proclivity to extemporize concerning undocumented aspects of her subject's life ('The book may read like a novel .
Because it is a society in flux between regimes, it has to extemporize many of its social rituals, and behavior, like expression, is arbitrarily and sternly codified.
Though, like Mary Louise, he reads the game at the time only liminally, the older narrator can now extemporize with ironic distance what he had then only intuited with dissatisfaction: "she was not at all satisfied with my game" (CS 333).
He persists after the interval, leading you to imagine he was actually a CCP member, planted in the audience to extemporize solo vocals.
Cadenzas, where the soloist was expected to extemporize
On one occasion, when an unusually large and appreciative crowd was collected, and many ladies present, the captain became so enthused that, after exhausting every recognized movement, he began to extemporize, and shouted out the command, "Company, right and left oblique; march
The architecture establishes a strong east-west axis across the site, on which West 8 energetically extemporize through a series of interlocking planes of different colours and textures.
Since that character--like many of the others in the play--was partially autobiographical, Williams found he often morphed into his character and began to extemporize on stage, to the great distress of other actors.
Separation of the envelope and its content, Perrault points out, allows the architect freedom to extemporize and accommodate volumetric variations on each floor, like the double-height entrance hall, the lofty reading rooms at the lowest level, or the more intimate reading rooms.
In the same scene, in response to Malvolio's threat to have Olivia bid Sir Toby "farewell" (101), Feste and Sir Toby sing "Farewell, Dear Heart" an impromptu arrangement of an ayre by Robert Jones in which, parallel to Armin's prior solo performances, Feste extemporizes on a theme thrown to him by his audience, Malvolio.
In 1824 Landon published one of her most popular works, The Improvisatrice, a long poem about a female Florentine poet who extemporizes verse for her audiences.