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Synonyms for extemporization

something improvised

Synonyms for extemporization

a performance given extempore without planning or preparation

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8), especially because the claims of extemporization stretch credulity.
Vivaldi is reputed to have been a first rate violinist, his published scores springboards for flights of wild virtuoso extemporization.
Ernie Banks, 18, was a big hit among the two dozen or so people in attendance with his extemporization of a Chipmunklike rap song.
Another key point is the way in which American practice in OVERLORD represented some extemporization from the formal doctrine promulgated in FM 31-35.
Putting a fresh twist on impulsive extemporization, it turns to account the actual conditions of Victorian print culture on which spasmodic writers both depended and turned their backs.
To my right, down the row of fellow students seated in their chairs, pens were scribbling furiously to capture this amazing and inspiring bit of extemporization.
Extemporization, the ability to explore a given motif, and push it to its limits, lies at the core of jazz and I remember well one of my musical mentors, Healey Willan, telling me we should all be grateful to jazz for keeping the art of extemporization alive.
He is the predator on the cadaver of Bach, dependent on the precursor's originary genius for his own extemporization.
Architecturally gutsy, defined by a clearly articulated structure, the big pavilion feels like a delicate extemporization on the familiar, tugging at half digested images of the past, part industrial, part colonial ease.
With regard to form and texture, he is less adventurous than his counterpart; all the sonatas are in three movements, and there are far fewer opportunities for cadential extemporization than one finds in Bach.
64) Yet emotion and extemporization may both, in turn, interact with ancient concepts of inspiration.
A long extemporization on bodily "functions & desires" including "copulation upstairs in the double bed" is excised from the Mrs.
He asks how the performance comes into being: is what the audience hears a text that has been memorized by the performer, or the result of extemporization within a tradition?
Unforeseen extemporization between lawyer and lawyer or lawyer and witness can light jurors' emotional fires.
It stated that American wars have, "in the main," been fought using citizen-soldiers, and that including or integrating the citizen-soldiers in peace "is merely a proposal for perfecting a traditional national institution to meet modern requirements which no longer permit extemporization after the outbreak of war.