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  • verb

Synonyms for extemporize

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for extemporize

manage in a makeshift way

perform without preparation

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So Kevin Pietersen's brilliant extemporising in Sunday's one-day international against New Zealand has got cricket's ruling bodies burning the midnight oil, trying to hand down a ruling on its legality as soon as possible.
Extemporising It Up: Memory, Interpretation and Accounts: Implications of Cultural Revitalisation for Aboriginal Heritage Assessment in Western Australia.
49) He also cited an instance when Charles Horsley was asked to stop extemporising on the organ at St Peter's due to its 'interminable length'.
Not the grizzly stevedore with his thatch of black hair spilling from his shirt collar, nor the Cologne cowboy with his James Dean quiff and narrow eyes and pack of Lucky Strikes, nor his friend who likes to drum on the edge of the bar, extemporising and fantasising and becoming by turns Elvis, then Buddy, then Duane, regardless of his receding hairline, his growing paunch.
The modern scripts inherent in mission statements, annual reports and contracts with government equally involve performances, sometimes with voluntary sector organisers as the supplicants -- though (to extend the metaphor a little too far, perhaps) there may be a fair amount of extemporising by all players in the actual show.
Listen I wasn't entirely straight with you,' he began, extemporising.
Her boss is Lotte Schoen (Gwen Taylor), a failed architect who is having none of Douffet's extemporising and for whom the knowledge that Douffet's French actress mother played all the great Shakespearean trouser roles from Richard III to Falstaff, cuts little ice.
Extemporising further on the biomorphic theme, the ribcage canopy structure resembles the skeletal vestige of a long-extinct behemoth.