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  • verb

Synonyms for extemporize

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for extemporize

manage in a makeshift way

perform without preparation

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A statue of Lenin formed part of a macabre, extemporised ritual).
He carried a wand, suspended to the end of which by a long thong was an inflated bladder, which he kept continually bringing down with telling force upon the heads of the spectators which he joined in a ludicrous mimicry of the dance mingled with extemporised buffooneries of his own.
The only European operational application was in 2003 when, to support mine clearance into Iraq's Umm Qasr, QinetiQ extemporised a USV system using RTK Combat Support Boats and an ADI Dryad influence sweep system.
16) It refers to the melodic component of sung performance, both in the sense of each extemporised melodic line and in the sense of an underlying skeletal structure that forms the basis for creating lines of sung melody.
With characteristic abstraction, Bolles-Wilson has extemporised on the theme of light, so that it is the lyricism of light rather than the technical performance of the objects that produced it that seduces you first.
As an extemporised ensemble piece, in politics cues are picked up from other actors, responses played to changes sensed in the audience, and lines adapted to the unpredicted pronouncements of others.
Here the real life character on which the story's extemporised is legendary escapologist Harry Houdini, played with brooding style but little regard for physical likeness (the real Houdini was a short, stocky Hungarian-German Jew) by Guy Pearce.
The tradition was sustained by teachers passing on the skills and basic melodies to their pupils, who extemporised on the tunes as they performed.
At the 1840 Festival Mendelssohn played his First Piano Concerto (illness had prevented him composing a new concerto for the occasion), again extemporised at the organ, and conducted the English premiere of his Hymn of Praise, the audience spontaneously rising for the final chorus as they were so used to doing ritually for the 'Hallelujah' Chorus in Handel's Messiah.
Any solution to the piracy problem is likely to involve both more coast guard craft and extemporised weapons for larger at-risk ships.