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perform without preparation

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Clement opened his account for the year a couple of months earlier than usual and provided Tom McLaughlin with the second leg of a double when Extemporise got up in the final stride to nail Tojoneski in the mile banded stakes.
He rode a winner, Extemporise, at Wolverhampton on Monday but is still struggling to put together a sizeable book of rides.
Yet now we use that phrase, we extemporise on it, we relay it on the air as our phrase.
For Campo Baeza, it presented a tantalising opportunity to extend and extemporise on the dialogue begun by the bank building, 'like the second line of a poem', says project architect Alejandro Cervilla Garcia.
It is their relations who get the contracts to put up the parking buildings in the hospital grounds [not to raise funds, you understand, but solely to manage hospital traffic flows, going forward], it is their job to betray their colleagues and their professions, to extemporise and euphemise.
Anyway, the BHA has done very well to extemporise extra cards at artificial tracks that help to negate the drip, drip of levy loss, notably this weekend.
Meanwhile, Ed Millipede, trying to be too clever by half and extemporise his conference speech, forgot to mention the deficit, a huge slice of which had been created by the now resurrected Gordon Brown's reckless over-spending.
As illustrated on the rugby and football pitches the French consistently rip up the rule books and defy the odds by playing sport with guile and imagination and being prepared to extemporise whenever necessary.
THE diligence of trainer Terry Clement and groom Ian Campbell, himself a former licence holder, paid off when Extemporise won the afternoon's most competitive race in good style by four lengths.