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Synonyms for extempore

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for extempore

with little or no preparation or forethought

without prior preparation

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September 12 ( ANI ): Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is currently in the United States and is amassing headlines with his well-crafted extempore even as he addressed the students at the University of California in Berkeley.
With the city lights sparkling just beyond your dinner plate and service that strikes the perfect balance between attentive and comfortably extempore, we promise a sumptuous and memorable culinary journey each time,' he added.
The on-camera address occurs within the studio wherein the presenter makes direct visual address to the camera in a scripted or extempore fashion.
He gave an extempore speech which I heard on YouTube.
It was ensured that the topics were of general nature and any student of literature could easily develop a brief draft on extempore.
The video clip hosted a number of famous figures from the new media - Ibrahim Saleh, Adel Radwan, Saleh Abu Umra and Ibrahim Al-Bkairi, who spoke extempore.
His speech was a well-structured but extempore exposition of the stages through which the Cuban revolution was taken.
Fennor's professed talent, clearly, lay in extemporal rhyme--"I'll ryme with any man that breath[e]s this day," he asserts, "Vpon a subject in extempore, / Or else be blotted from all memorie, / For any wager dare ingaged be"--and this is the skill he claims to have displayed when formerly he "chaleng'd Kendall on the Fortune Stage":
Speaking extempore in Hindi, Modi sought to bring the armed forces under the ambit of his ambitious " Digital India" scheme.
The Church of the Province in South Africa spent the first half of the 20th century attempting to "regularize" MU branches in African communities away from their ever-increasing manyano identity, with its emphasis on extempore prayer and preaching, the wearing of identifiable uniforms, and fundraising activities.
Calling themselves the Substitute Sisters, the affirmative team resorted to music and some extempore dance moves to drive home their message that substitution enables nurses to escape some of the more mundane nursing tasks of past eras and to extend their practice to take on roles previously done by medical professionals and other health workers.
When it was proscribed in favor of the Directory of Public Worship, extempore prayer became law.
Revealing the beauty of this diverse land, it is an extempore exploration into the mindset [of] people finding creative solutions to build sustainability.
In the second round, on spot topic was given to all the teams in which team discussion was allowed whereas in the third round the contestants were given extempore topic with no team discussion allowed.
Rahmat Shah Sail noted progressive Pashto poet while commenting on the folk Pashto poetry tradition said that earlier, folk Pashto poets used to hold extempore poetry contests in the spring season on open spaces in which the contestants would represent their own tribes , it used to be in the of versified dialogue based on the question and answer.