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Synonyms for extempore

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for extempore

with little or no preparation or forethought

without prior preparation

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Metropolis, gradually developed in 1979-1981 represented the summit of Extempore's output and was the first major achievement of its then leader Mikolas Chadima In the context of Czech unofficial rock it was a highly significant work, since Extempore is a rare example sofa band whose musical high point coincided with the high point of its popularity.
True to the patriotic fervor of his extempore speech, he wore a carefully tied Jodhpuri safa in the tricolor, beginning with a vibrant orange around his head and a long green tail that ended at his waist.
The best contestants from the 10 divisions across the GCC countries and Jordan will participate in the Extempore and Humorous Speech contests.
From there, the speakers' body language relaxed and their interactions developed extempore, establishing a rhythm of natural yet sophisticated thought.
His five minutes at the podium (as allotted to all the other 100 leaders) started inauspiciously--until he lifted his head from his prepared text and went extempore.
Such associations extend the Arlecchino's links backward to medieval extempore players and goliards in Italy and France, while they illuminate commedia's continuing development during the mid sixteenth century in carnival, rustic farces, and dialect theater with lured types.
Murdon takes Bach apart, hacks out the guts of the structure, until it is 'shaken and broken down nearly beyond recognition' and then gives it an extempore bashing.
Mary Frith's single (or perhaps repeated) appearance at the Fortune was hardly an extempore performance.
Even if he is addressing a public meeting, inputs continue to trickle in in the form of small notes that he glances through within seconds and weaves in the information in his ostensibly extempore speeches, which otherwise have been well- rehearsed in his mind.
The week long festival included Qira'at, Naat, extempore speeches, debates, badminton, cricket, hockey, football, volleyball bonfire, Baitbazi, Urdu mushaira, athletics, hiking and table tennis etc.
In an extempore speech at the beginning of the meeting, Prince Naif thanked King Abdullah for the appointment and for giving him this honor to preside over the Cabinet meeting.
Realizing she is simply the 'token woman' she scraps her intended presentation (which she had in fact borrowed from Louise) and gives, extempore, a lecture on the gruesome martyrdom of two Jesuit priests at the hands of the Iroquois.
Speaking for almost 90 minutes without a break, Modi reeled off his mantra near- extempore at the BJP's national council meet in the Capital.
In response to a permission granted by the bench to hear her brief contentions, she, in her extempore address, said that the foreign company Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) had caused severe threat to the wild life and created environmental hazards in the last 20 years with usage of lethal cyanide gas during the chemical process.
The president, who returned his written speech to his military secretary, and opted for an extempore speech, vowed that he would continue to quest for the mission started by his father-in-law Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and wife Benazir Bhutto.