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Synonyms for extemporaneous

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for extemporaneous

with little or no preparation or forethought

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Background Information: Schedule 8 of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations (1990) allows herbalists, naturopaths, homoeopaths and nutritionists to make extemporaneous preparations.
Constant cleaning, oiling and blowing out of any extemporaneous material will prevent any slowdown in the operation.
English Protestants"--all of them, presumably--are committed to controlling and confining the extemporaneous prayer.
At the same time, the second chapter observes the extent to which the period also saw a shift in the ideal, away from reliance on a printed text and towards extemporaneous (if nevertheless carefully prepared) delivery.
The clergy kept the crowd interested with holiday stories and a brief, extemporaneous worship service.
Church courts were a stage for his extraordinary ability as an extemporaneous speaker.
Hemingway's extemporaneous remarks are reproduced here.
He adds some extemporaneous prayers to the prepared Prayers of the Faithful, asking the Lord to keep farmers safe in what is one of their most dangerous occupations--harvesting--and beseeching God's aid to give farmers a fair price for their crops.
Unlike voice mail, e-mail can be edited, avoiding a quick extemporaneous speech.
Perhaps also due to his demonstrated skill at extemporaneous debate, coupled, incidentally, with his acknowledged love of the sport of boxing, his plays combine aspects of artful dodging and crafty maneuvers.
Stout showed how, by pioneering and mastering the modern use of extemporaneous preaching, Whitefield became a sensational public figure, perhaps the most popular "performer" in all the British Empire.
She said he had a lifelong interest in language, a gift for clear writing (as his readers must know), and could organize his ideas into gripping extemporaneous expression.
In addition to improving your skills in extemporaneous speaking, you also enhance a host of other preparatory skills leading up to the presentation, including making a speech outline or preparing slides and overhead projections with computer software programs such as Powerpoint[R] or Harvard Graphics[R].
Working with the nine-member Kent Dance Ensemble, with university faculty, and with the Kent community, Taylor and the Alloy developed Witness a forty-minute collaborative work that unites movement and extemporaneous text with archival materials including faculty letters, student telegrams, and radio reports.
Setting priorities about medical services, including genetic testing services, often occurs in an extemporaneous fashion.