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Synonyms for extemporaneous

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for extemporaneous

with little or no preparation or forethought

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Teachers were amazed at Bercovitz's ability to stay in character as Einstein, even during extemporaneous questions and answers.
An articulate and entertaining extemporaneous lecturer, Senate is also a thorough researcher.
The lesson to be gleaned from White's extemporaneous musings is that spreading racial stereotypes is wrong no matter how righteous the rider.
Four students won individual state titles: Robert Bergin for Humorous Interpretation; Jon Weed for National Extemporaneous, and David Sepetka and Alex D'Amour for Policy Debate.
Request for quotations: supply of extemporaneous drugs for medical use for the needs of the regional state budgetary health care institutions children~s hospital, the ministry of health of the khabarovsk territory
Perhaps that's why he's so successful in extemporaneous speaking competitions.
Request for quotations: Acquisition Of Extemporaneous Preparations For The Needs KGBUZ Vladivostok Polyclinic ?
Ten-year-old Erika Agcaoili from Santa Monica worked hard to earn her first-place trophy in extemporaneous skating.
Siebel stated in extemporaneous remarks that during fiscal years 2001 and 2002, the company had generated $500 million in profit and $1.
Request for quotations: supply of extemporaneous solutions for the needs of gbuz vat kupinsky crh
Scheduled events include Danish, artistic, extemporaneous and free-style skating.
These sounds are mixed, usually using two turn tables and a mixer, according to the artist's trained or extemporaneous inclinations into a musical montage that often encourages a very interactive, uproarious experience with a listening crowd.
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