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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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Marcie Gerrietts Lindsey, Director of Publishing, ext.
Responsive Layouts: Ext JS 5-built apps have an optimal viewing experience across desktops and tablets, regardless of orientation changes, using the new responsive configuration system.
For example, Agilent Signal Studio makes it easy to create waveforms to generate nonsignaling control and test signals with the EXT.
Cloud, MN 56304; 320/251-4422 ext 230, 800/568-6033, FAX: 320/251-1855
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Porous Materials, short course on "Advanced techniques for pore structure characterization," Ithaca, NY, Mindy Durrani (607) 257-5544, ext.
A major product release, the epicRealm XT-S 400 is the first in a family of epicRealm eXT technology solutions that will be developed to assist businesses in maximizing network efficiency without additional high-cost investments.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers, seminar on "Ergonomic design guidelines for engineers," Embassy Suites Center City, Philadelphia, PA, Lauralyn McDaniel (313) 271-1500, ext.
CONTACT: Todd Young, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals (Analysts & Investors), (604) 221-7676 ext 6933; Rui Avelar, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
25-28 Curitiba, Brazil Contact: Marilda Brandalise Tel: [55] (41) 335-3377 Fax: [55] (41) 335-3377 ext.
Literature is offered comparing Therban EXT with XNBR and HNBR.
Cadillac announces pricing for its Escalade EXT will be $49,990 MSRP at introduction.
Bowman High School - Suzy Mansfield at (805) 253-4400, Ext.