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finely granular, sometimes with traces of spiral lines, exsert and sometimes globose
strong irregular axial ridges with little or no spiral sculpture; not obviously globose, more or less level with first teleoconch whorl or at most weakly exsert [Herpetopoma (s.
24A, C): White, more or less level with first teleoconch whorl or at most weakly exsert, with a weak apical beak; diameter 220-240 [micro]m; terminal lip distinctly convex; superficial sculpture well developed, arranged in irregular axial lines, with a weak spiral element.
33C): Translucent white; diameter 260-280 um; moderately exsert and relatively globose; worn in all available material; terminal lip shallowly convex; superficial sculpture mostly eroded, but with traces of granulation remaining near suture.
Diagnosis: Shell small, profile conical with narrowly indented suture; suture level with subperipheral cord; sculpture coarsely cancellate with scale-like projections on spiral cords; columella with a single basal tooth; interior of outer lip thickened and set with ridge-like denticles, that nearest columella largest and separated from basal columella tooth by a U-shaped notch; denticles do not extend into aperture as in-running ridges; umbilical and parietal region covered by glossy inductural callus shield; aperture obliquely tangential to base of last adult whorl; outer lip with low subterminal external varix; protoconch exsert.
62C): White, globose and distinctly exsert, diameter ca 280 um; surface worn, but with evidence of a fine, flocculent microsculpture; terminal lip convex.
The exsertion ratio = length of exsert portion of peduncle/length of subtending sheath, measured for the longest, non-basal peduncle per specimen 19.