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finely granular, sometimes with traces of spiral lines, exsert and sometimes globose
strong irregular axial ridges with little or no spiral sculpture; not obviously globose, more or less level with first teleoconch whorl or at most weakly exsert [Herpetopoma (s.
A comparison of the crystalline structure of exsert septa between colonies growing under aquarium conditions and natural, field conditions has revealed that drastic changes to crystal deposition and skeletal formation may occur in corals maintained for long periods in closed-circuit aquaria.
Acicular crystal growth on the exsert septa of Galaxea fascicularis is probably continuous, as evidenced by their lack of crystal substructure (Clode and Marshall, 2003).
24A, C): White, more or less level with first teleoconch whorl or at most weakly exsert, with a weak apical beak; diameter 220-240 [micro]m; terminal lip distinctly convex; superficial sculpture well developed, arranged in irregular axial lines, with a weak spiral element.
33C): Translucent white; diameter 260-280 um; moderately exsert and relatively globose; worn in all available material; terminal lip shallowly convex; superficial sculpture mostly eroded, but with traces of granulation remaining near suture.
In this study we have investigated, over a 24-h period, the crystalline microstructure at the growth surface of exsert septa from the reef coral G.
fascicularis exsert septa (four septa from each polyp) were removed from the corallite with forceps, under a dissecting microscope, and mounted flat using carbon tape.
Diagnosis: Shell small, profile conical with narrowly indented suture; suture level with subperipheral cord; sculpture coarsely cancellate with scale-like projections on spiral cords; columella with a single basal tooth; interior of outer lip thickened and set with ridge-like denticles, that nearest columella largest and separated from basal columella tooth by a U-shaped notch; denticles do not extend into aperture as in-running ridges; umbilical and parietal region covered by glossy inductural callus shield; aperture obliquely tangential to base of last adult whorl; outer lip with low subterminal external varix; protoconch exsert.
The average ear for the female inbred in Field F required about 6 d to exsert 95% of its silks.
The exsertion ratio = length of exsert portion of peduncle/length of subtending sheath, measured for the longest, non-basal peduncle per specimen 19.
The daily cohort of plants that began to exsert silks was calculated from the population dynamics curves for each treatment.