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extreme beauty of a delicate sort

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Unexpectedly denied the Prix Goncourt in 2005, Michel Houellebecq's The Possibility of an Island reprises themes from earlier books: the unsurpassable exquisiteness of sexual pleasure; the dismal teleology of age and decay, sagging flesh borne down to the tomb unrelieved by spiritual joy or the eschatological promise of an afterlife; persistent human brutishness culminating in an episode of apocalyptic bloodshed.
Now, it appears that Iceland wants to resume exporting fin whale meat 6 prized by Japanese consumers for its exquisiteness.
The two men making a connection with each other and with the sea results in Bella's rather mystical outburst, noted in italics, enlightening her and enabling her to see the exquisiteness of beauty.
Kashmiri carpets are known all over the world for their exquisiteness.
Reflecting Folli Follie's design philosophy and global style concept, the store adopts a fashionably stylish orange and white color scheme that brings out the exquisiteness of the stunning collections.
Ceramic sculpture in the Song period, like other types of porcelain, was fully connotative and graceful, with profoundness and exquisiteness, which expressively denoted a strong preference of literati and scholars of the Song Dynasty.
The first line has "petites et jolies feuilles" (literally "little and pretty leaves"), with adjectives split to emphasize, not a description of the size or shape of the leaves, but rather their exquisiteness.
The exquisiteness of this discipline is the breadth of provocation or at least the hope of provocation of "normative agendas relative to the goals and objectives of the particular people in question" (Outlaw, 2001, 454).
Keen on introducing the item in Oman, Pangarungan said that once the direct flight between Muscat and Manila begins, he would certainly facilitate visits of all the major Omani furniture importers to Philippines to showcase the quality and exquisiteness of the furniture Philippine produces.
For it is now 10 years since the untimely death of Enric Miralles and its aftermath, where the majority of the chattering Spanish were openly suggesting that widow Benedetta Tagliabue (an Italian to boot) could never hold on to the exquisiteness of the office's product, with the chattering Scots carrying on a campaign in which they predicted her rapid disappearance from the Scottish Parliament maelstrom.
One of these means is a formal one, paying heightened attention precisely to the exquisiteness and aesthetics of form.
These buried treasures give only a faint idea of the exquisiteness of this art, and they make the Arabic accounts of the Visigoth king Rodrigo's riding into battle in a bejeweled armor more plausible.
When Lynne Pearce visited the Tate exhibition in 1984, her response to these paintings was dominated by the sonnets: "We could find no way through or beyond Rossetti's image of 'female excellence,' no way of claiming for our own the delicately glowing, gold-burnished exquisiteness of a painting that is the earliest, purest, cleanest that Rossetti ever produced.
But when I witnessed this community coming together and executing the exquisiteness of this community dance, written by centuries of tradition, the sheer magnitude of this spectacle moved me almost to tears.