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in a delicate manner

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No more exquisitely lovely mortal was ever seen than this Princess, and it needed all an eagle's strength of sight to prevent the King being hopelessly dazzled.
At the sight that met my eyes, my blood was changed into something exquisitely thin and icy.
She was so fair to look on, so radiantly beautiful, so exquisitely voluptuous, that the very instinct of man in me, which calls some of my sex to love and to protect one of hers, made my head whirl with new emotion.
My position struck him, too, as exquisitely ludicrous and embarrassing.
What an exquisitely delicious sleep I have been having," said she, as she passed her hands over her face, "in spite of all my misery.
The latter merely expresses the rage of the momentary mushroom against the immortal, entrancing, and exquisitely lovely orchid.
I will grant you that she is lovely, exquisitely lovely
A neater, a more tasteful, a finer, or a more exquisitely laced handkerchief, did not exist within the walls of Paris.
She was coming down on us with swelling sails, looking delicately tall and exquisitely noble through the mist.
Stepping over a little mat of green wool, I found myself in a small room with a painted floor and a square of green carpet in the middle; the articles of furniture were few, but all bright and exquisitely clean; order reigned through its narrow limits --such order as it soothed my punctilious soul to behold.
I soon became quite an accomplished hand at making tappa--could braid a grass sling as well as the best of them--and once, with my knife, carved the handle of a javelin so exquisitely, that I have no doubt, to this day, Karnoonoo, its owner, preserves it as a surprising specimen of my skill.
Besides all this, there was a vast quantity of solid gold ornaments; - nearly two hundred massive finger and earrings; - rich chains - thirty of these, if I remember; - eighty-three very large and heavy crucifixes; - five gold censers of great value; - a prodigious golden punch bowl, ornamented with richly chased vine-leaves and Bacchanalian figures; with two sword-handles exquisitely embossed, and many other smaller articles which I cannot recollect.
The knives and forks were of exquisitely polished steel, and were set in unclouded ivory.
She was, she felt she was, in the greatest danger of being exquisitely happy, while so many were miserable.
Tristram, then, undertook to be exquisitely agreeable, and she brought to the task a really touching devotion.