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Since guessing wrong about the FCC's taste can cost broadcasters millions of dollars in fines and jeopardize their licenses, they tend to err on the side of restraint, which means much worthy material either is expurgated or never airs.
30) However, defective scholarship, like rheumatic pain, tends to linger as witnessed by the continuing vogue of Whyte's defective editorial enterprise; not only does it continue to be cited in books and articles as "authoritative," (31) but also in a recent paper, Whyte's title was mistakenly assigned to the KeensSoper/Schweizer edition (32) (confusion compounded) and, more seriously, there appeared in 2000 a space-age reincarnation of Whyte curiously entitled "On the Manner of Negotiating with Princes: From Sovereigns to CEO's Envoys to Executives," with a wholly misleading introduction by Charles Handy (33) to ah already seriously expurgated text.
Although critics such as Barbara Foley, Roderick Ferguson, and Lena and Michael Hill have appealed to the expurgated drafts of Invisible Man to formulate interesting readings, and biographers Arnold Rampersad and Lawrence Jackson have considered the drafts in their assessments of Ellison's life, no scholar has previously dealt with these materials in their totality.
Now, more and more people are coming to realize that this threat has been expurgated, he said.
You must give reasons why the document or the expurgated parts are to be kept from the public.
In fact, the operational complex is set up as a sort of impulse extractor, in such a way that the world produced under these conditions may be expurgated of the death, evil, negativity, of the other.
One less expurgated attempt at a section of Hamlet was made by the late, great comics pioneer Will Eisner, who adapted the whole of 'to be or not to be', to be spoken by a thug on a New York tenement roof.
In the expurgated passages that Khan was to read this week in the festival, Bano scanned for prey on a school bus before settling on a fresh-faced 15-year-old girl.
My eyes quickly recovered, and I ended up transcribing about 40 percent of the expurgated texts.
Expurgated yet exaggerated, the Meurice-Dumas Hamlet represents a strange mix of Romantic naturalism with the remnants of Ducis' neoclassical "bienseance" (propriety):
Anti-Semitism does exist, and I agree it needs to be expurgated.
APPENDIX OF EXPURGATED WORDS Original Mary's Revision "so fucking noble" "so fogging noble" "shoot her fucking bow off" "shoot her fogging bow off" "give a shit" "give a flip" "all that shit" "all that flip" "any fucking troubles" "any fogging troubles" "asshole corks" "antiseptic corks" "Cut out the shit" "Cut out that flip" "Zero as in asshole" deleted "that fucking forward hatch" "that fogging forward hatch" "those fucking branches" "those fogging branches" "cocksuckers" "roosters" (9)
A columnist for The Times has acknowledged that the two-page Persian language document published by The Times last month was not a photocopy of the original document but an expurgated and retyped version of the original.
Even in expressing dismay at Swinburne's extremity, one contemporary critic seems to have agreed with his analysis of the Victorian literary scene in declaring that "an expurgated edition of such a book [Poems and Ballads] would be substantially an emasculated one": "We have been led by, if the expression may be forgiven, a species of intellectual eunuchry until we have got in the way of thinking that high art can only co-exist with the positive abnegation of the body and in the resolute ignoring of all the more fervid affections of human nature.
As noted above, he scorned expurgated editions and the infringement upon his constitutional right to free speech.