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We do not address whether the originating arrest is expunged with the conviction.
Protesting mediapersons said they wouldn't call off their strike unless the remarks were expunged.
Yesterday afternoon Fleetwood Town's bid to have the expunged record of disbanded Farsley Celtic reinstated into the Blue Square North was rejected.
Port still hold a one-point advantage over second-placed Fleetwood Town ahead of Saturday''s trip to Eastwood Town, but Liam Watson''s side will now wait with greater anxiety at the outcome of this morning''s Football Association decision when Fleetwood will find out the result of their bid for the expunged record of Farsley Celtic to be reinstated.
The preposterous idea that blasphemy is a crime was not expunged from the statute book until the 21st century.
CONVICTED criminals could have their records expunged within months of serving their sentences, under a new bill aimed at increasing their chances of getting jobs.
This year, Florida sealed and expunged nearly 15,000 criminal records, up 43 percent from last year.
Gibson s convictions for driving under the influence were expunged in a routine 90-second hearing before Judge Lawrence J.
Should Paul Wilson's Stockingford outfit be successful they will face Triumph Athletic, whom they beat in the now expunged semi-final last month, with the game going ahead on Tuesday.
In all but nine states, people who have been accused of or convicted of minor crimes or juvenile offenses have the right to have their criminal records erased, or expunged.
s, teens who have records in juvenile courts, recruiters' dream kids who need an avenue to get their records expunged, who need a route to a skill, who take the gamble of life better or death early.
The case file shows he told investigators he pleaded no contest because his attorney told him it was a minor charge that would end the case and could eventually be expunged from his record.
And while I will be the first to admit that complacency, familiarity, and lack of competition have kept fresh thinking outside almost everyone's world headquarters, it's also as true that--as night follows day--the newcomer has a set of people/agency/ideas they bring with them and the intelligence and good ideas that already exist are expunged.
The court also held that any claim for monetary damages based on a civil rights claim for allegedly unconstitutional imprisonment based on vindictive prosecution would not accrue in the inmate's favor under the Heck rule until such time as the charges were dismissed or convictions were reversed on direct appeal, expunged by a state tribunal, or called into question by the issuance of a federal writ of habeas corpus.