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Synonyms for expunction

the act of erasing or the condition of being erased

Synonyms for expunction

deletion by an act of expunging or erasing

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It includes information on topics such as family assaults, drugs, DWIs, weapon charges, sexual offenses, driver's license suspensions, bonds, juvenile law and criminal record expunctions.
In some cases, the changes introduced by the scribe, or by the editor who was supervising his work, can easily be noticed because we find out "physical" elements throughout the folio, such as dots under a word as a sign of expunction or carets indicating that a missing word is being added.
Headless records the power of the privileged to control information, to craft the "master narrative," and the film's unnerving aura of expunction recalls--as does the gardener's unearthing of evidence of a previous existence in Vero's garden--Argentina's still suppurating recent past, in which the country's elites had tens of thousands "disappeared" and let silence efface their crimes.
In many instances this is not a cause for alarm, but if the client is someone doing business as a federal contractor, or if he or she is a foreign national, sealing verse expunction will make a world of difference to the client.
but also, in another context, the expunction of criminal records.
Youths who admit to their offenses voluntarily can have their consequences determined by peers and can earn the right to apply for early record expunction.
9169 HOOKER Requires police officers to take DNA samples from persons arrested, arraigned, or secured by a summons and charged with certain crimes; penalizes failure to give samples; exempts DNA samples and resulting analysis reports from freedom of information requests; requires the commissioner of the division of criminal justice services to promulgate rules and regulations regarding the process for expunction of DNA records upon the occurrence of certain legal proceedings.
4) In the case of an applicant having been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year, a copy of the indictment or information on which the applicant was convicted, the judgment of conviction of record of any plea of nolo contendere of plea of guilty of finding of guilt by the court, and any pardon, expunction, setting aside of other record purporting to show that the conviction was rendered nugatory or that civil rights were restored;
4) Expunction from the Board's records of any adverse materials relating to the discriminatory employment practice.
The directives also provide that commanders must allow soldiers "a reasonable time to seek expunction of the conviction or pardon" before commanders may initiate adverse action.
She considered smugness(3) to be "the Great Catholic sin"(4) and constantly sought its expunction when she recognized it in herself.