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Subversion of the aforementioned mechanical, expulsive and antimicrobial protein/peptide-mediated epithelial innate defences necessitates the mobilisation of circulating neutrophils and production of types I and III antiviral interferons by the pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system.
Thirty-two patients received expulsive medical therapy for two weeks (nifedipine 30 mg/day for upper and middle ureteral stones, tamsulosin 0.
Medical expulsive treatment of distal ureteral stones using tamsulosin: A single-center experience.
Factors to consider in future studies include measuring the uterine pressure to identify whether the expulsive effort is greater in women who wear mouth guards during the second stage of labor, she commented.
Ineffective cough: Cough function may be weak or ineffective in diseases and conditions where: 1) diaphragm weakness or spinal deformity diminish ability to inhale; 2) poor coordination of the bulbar muscle impairs closure of the glottis and the ability to build up intrapleural pressure; 3) poor coordination of the expiratory muscles compromises expulsive force and mucus shearing.
1,6] To our knowledge, there are no comparative papers that investigate the effectiveness of different expulsive medical therapies (EMT).
Labor has become protracted; epidural anesthesia has arrested the labor; and/or the mother is exhausted, her contractions are weak, and the vacuum is going to be used to compensate for the reduced expulsive effort.
Medical expulsive therapy (MET) administered with calcium channel blockers (nifedipine) or alpha blockers increase the chance of spontaneous passage in over 80% of cases for ureteral stones.
Lastly, medical expulsive therapy (MET) using alpha-blockers is widely used.
Plenary III: Medical Expulsive Therapy for Kidney StonesStephen Nakada, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI 2:30 - 2:45 p.
Medical expulsive therapy has recently emerged as an alternative treatment method for initial management of small distal ureteal stones.
For medical expulsive treatment 90% of the doctors were using alpha-blockers among which tamsulosin was the most commonly preferred one.
Factors affecting duration of the expulsive stage of parturition and piglet birth intervals in sows with uncomplicated, spontaneous farrowings.