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  • verb

Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

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deprive of possessions

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Seeking government protection of one's property from mobs or expropriatory voters differs categorically from seeking legal protection against economic competition, and therefore the two cannot be coherently combined into a single syndrome called "political capitalism.
The principal basis for Oxus' claim is that Oxus and its subsidiaries have been subjected to expropriatory, unlawful, unfair and discriminatory treatment, resulting in catastrophic losses of no less than $400 million.
The pure liberalism that has never found roots in the region, or the criollo liberalism that has been experienced by Latin America's poor as punitive, expropriatory, exclusionary, and authoritarian?
According to the text of Article 1110(1), expropriatory measures which do not conform to 1110(1)(a), (b), (c), and (d) are flatly unpermitted and should be removed.
141) The tribunal held that the environmental purpose for the taking of property did not "alter the legal character of the taking for which adequate compensation must be paid" and that environmental measures, "no matter how laudable and beneficial to society as a whole," were similar to other expropriatory measures, and therefore compensable.
Expropriatory Intent: Defining the Proper Boundaries of Substantive Due Process and the Takings Clause, 80 N.
This is defined as "[(i)] equivalent to the fair market value of the expropriated investment immediately before the expropriatory action was taken or became known .
78) While the call for equality by Hunters (indeed most radicals) invoked something short of Skidmore's expropriatory radical leveling, it also referenced something more than a liberal Lockean demand for "no taxation without representation"--it was not their "Founding Father's" notion of equality.
We argue that the main issue of concern to financial asset holders in Israel appears to have been significant uncertainty about moderately large swings in returns on domestic, unindexed assets, relative to alternatives while there was far less concern about the more drastic losses that would occur in the case of high inflation or expropriatory taxation of some sort.
Effecting an erasure of mind and of the imaginative faculty, material sublimity becomes a vitiating, privative and expropriatory simulacrum of the sublime.
No expropriatory actions have been taken since the mid-1980's.
Second, the potential for insolvency can lead to expropriatory behavior, and this calls for costly contractual constraints.