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Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

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deprive of possessions

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The fight of the Mexicanos' Gorras Blancas (White Caps) movement, engaging in direct action to cut fences placed on their land, was comparable to the mythification of Billy, perceived as fighting against the common enemy of Anglo expropriators (land speculators, cattle growers, railroads) and the courts promoting such interests.
His Gulliverian adventures of a clandestine intellectual and clumsy worker in the land of the proletariat start with the young man's conviction that De Gaulle's France was ruled by an army of expropriators protected by the fascist police of a dictatorial regime.
Where the rugged, middle-class individual beset with burdensome regulation is supposed to be, you will generally find a belligerent self-styled libertarian who rejected a generous compromise and repeatedly violated regulations, or a coalition of wealthy expropriators of taxpayers' property bent on extending their reach into the public trough.
on the Arab population that the Zionists were their friends and helpers, not their expellers and expropriators .
However, the expropriators feel that the producers owe them a living and have a duty to serve them.
The charge that the rich are the despoilers, the exhausters, the expropriators of the planet's biological wealth is simply false.