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Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

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deprive of possessions

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This approach lends the book a quick-paced narrative format that, while jumping between events and characters in a way that makes it hard to get an overall picture of anarchism in Argentina at the time, certainly does bring to the fore the romanticism and adventurism of the expropriators of the title.
Much scholarly attention has been paid to these expropriators.
Lefebvre implies that May '68 was an attempt to make good on the failed promises of that earlier, partial liberation, which had succeeded in removing the foreign invader but not the national expropriators.
Expropriating the expropriators, for example, entails responsibility for the misery of those expropriated.
What rights of self-help resistance owners possess against the now presumptively greedy expropriators is not a subject Waldron broaches.
Indeed, it is tempting to see "Will Varner" not simply as the latest in a series of otherwise anonymous expropriators but as the allegorical incarnation of the successive agonistic wills that constitute the restless motor of history under a thin varnish or veneer of legality.
In the fullness of time these workers would rise up and expropriate the expropriators.
The fight of the Mexicanos' Gorras Blancas (White Caps) movement, engaging in direct action to cut fences placed on their land, was comparable to the mythification of Billy, perceived as fighting against the common enemy of Anglo expropriators (land speculators, cattle growers, railroads) and the courts promoting such interests.
According to the Czech program, communist expropriators return property only when it makes them no worse off than before the taking.
When asked by Saxel how it is possible to reconcile dialectical materialism with a belief in the immortality of the soul, the spirit replies, after a moment of hesitation, that philosophical questions can be elucidated only in a classless society created by the expropriation of the expropriators (p.
His Gulliverian adventures of a clandestine intellectual and clumsy worker in the land of the proletariat start with the young man's conviction that De Gaulle's France was ruled by an army of expropriators protected by the fascist police of a dictatorial regime.
Although most models allow some space for capitalist enterprises, for the most part the expropriators will be expropriated.
For Marx, the former was identified as the control of the productive apparatus by the capitalist class, and the ensuing alienation that resulted from this, whereas the former was to be effected through an "expropriation of the expropriators," a task undertaken by the industrial proletariat.
Where the rugged, middle-class individual beset with burdensome regulation is supposed to be, you will generally find a belligerent self-styled libertarian who rejected a generous compromise and repeatedly violated regulations, or a coalition of wealthy expropriators of taxpayers' property bent on extending their reach into the public trough.
on the Arab population that the Zionists were their friends and helpers, not their expellers and expropriators .