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Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Words related to expropriate

deprive of possessions

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This newly-translated edition of Bayer's The Anarchist Expropriators is published by AK Press in collaboration with the Kate Sharpley Library and includes an introduction and timeline of events provided by the Kate Sharpley Library.
moral insecurity of the expropriator is the nagging doubt that the
The camera was regarded as a rifle, "the inexhaustible expropriator of image-weapons," and the projector was seen as a gun that could shoot 24 frames per second.
If one reads Welty's subtext, biblical Nathan finds his obverse in Nathan Beecham: whereas the former chastises King David for sending Uriah to certain death in battle so that David could possess his captain's beautiful wife Bathsheba, Nathan Beecham kills Dearman the timber exploiter and expropriator of the Renfro house and store.
Back then, Cardenas - son of the "Tata," Lazaro Cardenas, beloved president in the 1930s and expropriator of the gringo oil monopoly - would visit villages where it had not rained for months, and it would rain.
Many in the region feel that the Kravchuk government has simply replaced Moscow as an expropriator of the Donbass's industrial wealth.
Russo is intense in his hostility to the politicization of identity, and to the exclusiveness demanded by political overseers, expropriators of racial issues, and nationalist/tribalist rhetoric.
Granted, Bernie is not talking about expropriating the expropriators or dismantling the American Empire, but he is talking about reforming capitalism the way FDR talked about it and the way Tommy Douglas talked about it.
Instead of assuming that controlling owners are expropriators who are motivated by a desire to consume private benefits at the expense of minority shareholders, we assert that many controlling owners are instead motivated primarily by a desire to pursue their idiosyncratic visions that they believe will increase the value of their firms to the benefit of all shareholders.
Allegedly, there are multiple mechanisms and fraudulent means which are used by the expropriators of land and resources from the scheduled areas.
Such Christian doctrine anticipates the views of Karl Marx, who in the mid-19th century predicted that, hopefully, the propertyless proletariat would "expropriate the expropriators.
Mill, Marx's account of the dispossession of the peasantry, and his dream of "the expropriation of the expropriators," and the theories of imperialism of Joseph Chamberlain and Lenin.
In an interview in 1970 she was more explicit in her own preference for private rather than capitalist or socialist ownership of property than she had been in The Human Condition: "Our problem today is not how to expropriate the expropriators, but, rather, how to arrange matters so that the masses, dispossessed by industrial society in capitalist and socialist systems, can regain property" (Crisis 175).
The article also sheds new light on some important events in Stalin's career, especially the circumstances surrounding his departure for Batumi in late 1901; on the question of which party committees he served on and when; and on the prehistory of his notorious group of expropriators.
Israelis should remember the claims filed by Jews against the expropriators of their property in Europe.