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Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Words related to expropriate

deprive of possessions

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Under such circumstances, the efficient solution to the risk-incentives trade-off is a rule that compensates for larger expropriations but does not compensate for smaller expropriations.
91) Based on the analysis in the previous paragraph, expropriations of the full value of an asset are the most serious expropriations from a risk-mitigation perspective.
In this context, no one is taking greater risks than those like me--"partnering" with a regime that, history demonstrates, essentially converted legal expropriations into theft.
The expropriation of American property in Cuba was not the result of President John F Kennedy deciding not to buy Cuban sugar, as stated in a recent article in CubaNews.
38) Both contain investment protection similar to NAFTA Chapter 11 by providing recourse through investor-state arbitration, (39) as well as numerous substantive protections including: national treatment; MFN treatment; "fair and equitable treatment"; and compensation for expropriation.
The expropriations process also includes the service sector.
Dans Methanex, le tribunal s'est fonde sur les fins reglementaires legitimes des mesures gouvernementales et a determine que ces mesures n'equivalaient pas des expropriations.
Assistance to project owners during the judicial phase of the expropriation,
In her book, Land Expropriation in Israel, Yifat Holzman-Gazit undertakes a historical analysis of the Israeli Supreme Court's deferential attitude towards governmental expropriation of private property.
Countries with relatively poor legal protection of assets, and a high degree of political instability, generally exhibit high rates of expropriation and this makes investment less attractive.
The Cabinet issued an immediate expropriation order, which is normally only adopted at times when national security is at stake, on Jan.
The move is intended to ease the burden on the cash-strapped state which has to pay an interest rate on the lump sums owed for expropriations.
This changed with the introduction of the Ontario Expropriations Act (S.
World investment and political risk 2011; world investment trends and corporate perspectives, government takings and expropriations, the political risk insurance industry.