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Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Words related to expropriate

deprive of possessions

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Hasikos at the time said the state owed over e1/4550m to owners of expropriated properties.
Article 20 of the Expropriation for Public Interest Law states the cost of expropriated properties and buildings should be evaluated by a committee.
Much of Israel consists of houses, land and property expropriated from their Arab owners.
At present, compensations for owners of expropriated land are based on government-assessed current land value with up to 40% of markup, including 20% in Taipei City, 35% in Kaohsiung City, and 40% for other areas.
This ruling confirms the fundamental principle in section 25 of the Constitution, namely that property cannot be expropriated without compensation," Johannes Moller, president of the farmers' group, said in a statement.
In a policy that international officials here say is tantamount to ethnic cleansing and violates the Dayton peace agreement, the Muslim-led Bosnian government has expropriated tens of thousands of homes of city residents who fled during four years of war and is turning them over to Muslim refugees.
If we allow this decision to stand, all companies that innovate have the risk of their intellectual property rights being unjustly expropriated.
Because land may be expropriated for only three years, the process would be repeated at the end of those three years until works could start, the permanent secretary of the Education ministry Olympia Stylianou said.
This included his objections to the expansion of the Latin-rite Catholics within Russia and the claims of Byzantine-rite Catholics in Ukraine and Russia to many church buildings expropriated from them by Stalin in his 1946 suppression of the Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church.
Like many other foreign investors in Russia, it appears we have seen our investment effectively expropriated.
The cypress trees reportedly stand on a private plot, some of which will be expropriated to enable the tree cutting and the road widening.
The Government has expropriated the beach areas between Laguna de Oviedo and Playa Pedernales, in the southwest, reports DR1 Daily News (February 26, 2001).
The policies implemented by the Duhalde administration have eviscerated the market-oriented framework instituted in the 1990s and expropriated significant value and decision-making autonomy from private sector companies, including Edenor.
Government has threatened to impose penalties against Sol Melia for building hotels on real estate expropriated by the Cuban Government.
At present, Capex, as well as other market participants, is negotiating with the Argentine government in the hopes of recovering the value effectively expropriated from the company through Public Emergency Law No.