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Synonyms for expressiveness

vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

Words related to expressiveness

the quality of being expressive

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ballet technique, if to this technique must be sacrificed grace, expressiveness, and beauty.
The 26-year-old makes the unwashed Bucky his own creation, inhabiting him with an exuberance and physical expressiveness that brings his unfettered spirit very convincingly to life.
Combining the latest releases of award-winning Macromedia Dreamweaver(R), Macromedia Flash(R) Professional, and Macromedia Fireworks(R), and key productivity tools Macromedia Contribute(TM) and Macromedia FlashPaper(TM), Studio 8 offers a new level of expressiveness, efficiency, and simplified workflow to create websites, interactive media, and mobile content.
The eighteen-member corps and three principal couples moved from courtly, mannered formality to fairly unbridled expressiveness in three well-defined sections set to excerpts from Jean-Philippe Rameau's operas Zais and Nais.
Reminiscent of certain Surrealist images, this work demonstrates, most efficaciously, how the subtle ambiguity of Bourgeois' language can achieve results of almost overwhelming expressiveness.
The problem, these Japanese experts say, is partly a lack of expressiveness and creativity in music performance and composition.
When it was performed in San Francisco in November 2002, Allan Ulrich wrote on Voice of Dance that Psalm leads one "to marvel at the expressiveness, at the sheer moral integrity of it all.
Saving it all from being merely gorgeous are a knowledge of the body's expressiveness and a complex infrastructure of forms worked into inventive, overlaid abstract compositions.
Over a two-day period, each class at Lincoln Elementary learned how Chopin brought romantic piano music to new heights of expressiveness.
His breakthroughs in pragmatic, sound reasoning provide the correctness, scalability, performance and expressiveness required by our commercial and federal customers.
Her dancing was imbued with poetic expressiveness, impeccable musicality, purity of line, and dynamic vitality.
Oldenburg was prescient about many things, finding a way, before the historical need to do so was obvious, of adding, rather than removing, humane expressiveness to representations of the mass-culture object.
For $199, this product provides extraordinary levels of realism and expressiveness for an instrument synonymous with quality.
In the last few years, many superb male dancers have come to the fore, but Richardson's technique and expressiveness stand out--enough for even his colleagues to envy him.
In his view, what is central to an artwork is not its style or its psychological expressiveness, but something much broader "strategy, manipulation, political psychodrama.