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Ralph pointed to the adjoining room as he spoke, and nodded expressively.
Fyne had only smiled at me very expressively, very self- confidently.
Having settled the order of proceeding, and the road to be taken, we started off once more and began to make our way through an ill- favoured Black Hollow, called, less expressively, the American Bottom.
It's a very unpleasant subiect, I have no doubt, though I won't say it's personal'--Miggs coughed--'whatever I may be forced to think'--Miggs sneezed expressively.
Sir, yo know weel,' said Stephen expressively, 'that if I canna get work wi' yo, I canna get it elsewheer.
The parrot had shrieked another shriek; and it filled up the sentence so expressively that Mrs Merdle was under no necessity to end it.
It is not one to be introduced among our wives and young persons, and I--' He finished with that flourish of his arm which added more expressively than any words, And I remove it from the face of the earth.
Here he shook his head expressively, and the spinster aunt trembled with agitation.
Then upon my soul and honour, ma'am, you'll find in a certain angle of that dreary pile, called Poets' Corner, a few smaller names than Slum,' retorted that gentleman, tapping himself expressively on the forehead to imply that there was some slight quantity of brain behind it.
But elsewhere, music and movement merged expressively to create segments that were amusing (those penguins again, but with Mendelssohn and Mozart), sad (a lone polar bear gazing mournfully into the distance to a fine performance of Purcell's Dido's Lament), and entrancing - balletic belugas and humpback whales moving with grace to Pachelbel and Beethoven.
She used her focused sound expressively and theatrically, all with a fine comic lilt.
Pee Wee settled mostly into a mid-tempo driving groove, with the occasional expressively broad-toned ballad.
By the same token, playing a melody coherently and expressively is a challenge that not all jazz musicians have mastered, but Allison Neale did this most effectively, putting over the head on Nancy with the Laughing Face quite exquisitely.
For example, knowing the structural importance of the right-hand F-sharp in measure 2 might compel the student to take a little time on that note, expressively pulling against its short note value.
Tenor Christopher Steele's Faust is cleanly and expressively sung; if not as voluminous as the duets and ensembles ask.