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Hints of the new expressive style Martinez wants his side to play were evident in the Austrian capital, but the Catalan insisted the game was more of a chance to complete the fitness schedule he has worked on with the squad so far.
Express But there's no doubt he has a passion for the tactical side of the game - and Hamilton's open, expressive style is one of the elements that convinced him to stay.
She played, sang, and composed at court in Bayreuth and then at Esterhazy, and whs influenced strongly by Franz Joseph Haydn and also, arguably, by the emotional and expressive style of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
The lead character, Ramona, is said to have an expressive style which fits into Tide's recently launched advertising campaign: "Style Is An Option, Clean Is Not.
Expressive style manifests in the intense and contrasting colours and sizes of the objects as well as a daring use of patterns and graphic effects such as lighting and shadows, lack of nuances, rhythmical composition.
But the couples with an emotionally expressive style are also the most likely to split up, especially over sexual issues, Dr.
This could be praised in a piece by Debussy, but Janacek's expressive style is a long way from French musical impressionism.
He paints quickly and spontaneously which gives a responsive, expressive style.
But when the Georgia-born soul diva finally made it on to the stage it was clear her fabulous voice and wonderfully expressive style remained intact.
Hamilton's expressive style and range is evocative of the very best of traditional soul/R&B, the sort of stuff that makes you want to wear a leather coat and Cuban heels.
The Decameron is described in detail and from different angles: themes, parody, sources, expressive style.
This new recording presents the Paris configuration, with Orphee sung in fluid and expressive style by the French tenor, Jean-Paul Fouchecourt.
comparing depiction of space and the expressive style and technical qualities of Thomas Moran and Marsden Hartley.