expressive aphasia

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aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired

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It is worth appreciation as authors have pointed out that "there is paucity of literature on post-cerebral malaria expressive aphasia in children from Indian subcontinent and neurological deficits are known to be higher in children than adults, in cerebral malaria.
Her rehabilitation has been complicated by a massive left-sided stroke which left her completely paralyzed on the right with profound expressive aphasia.
He had previously suffered a stroke and had some expressive aphasia, but was able to communicate his condition to his daughter, who relayed the information to the emergency room receptionist.
A 70 year old male was admitted to NSH with a two week history of intermittent confusion, occipital headache, nausea, vomiting and periods of expressive aphasia.
For people with expressive aphasia, it seems as if their thoughts are on the tip of their tongue, but they cannot find the words to express themselves.
Subsequent CT scan did not reveal reaccumulation of the hematoma, but the patient continued to have memory difficulties and malaise, and began to have expressive aphasia.
Expressive aphasia refers to a disorder in your speaking, communicating verbally, or sometimes emotionally.