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an art movement early in the 20th century

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Moreover, while such visual highlighting of the contingency and factitiousness of what is shown is variously maintained subsequently by the film's often CGI-suffused mise en scene, this is not only complemented by Shutter Island being narratively and expressionistically restricted, like some other films directed by Scorsese, to the perception of its protagonist, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio), but capped by its declared actuality being referred to as an instance of 'radical, cutting-edge role play'--as being, that is, effectively designated, with, epistemologically, due postmodernist connotation, a simulation, 'a real without origin or reality'.
The resemblance may prompt speculations whether the man's appearance itself is motivated partly expressionistically (for all the cues suggesting his reality) as an image of hallucination and denial: it could be read as the means whereby Giuliana simultaneously asserts similarity ("we both are depressed would-be sellers with nothing to sell") and denies it ("we differ in every respect: age, class and gender").
The expressionistically supercharged Arts and Crafts ideal that launched the Bauhaus had turned to industrial design, but Gropius still spoke for a social functionalism likely to be misunderstood in a liberal academy which, in Rowe's account, was disposed by degreees towards Modernism, but, as in the America of 'The International Style', in essentially formalistic terms.
In this way, an historical event has lost its realistic qualities in the mise-en-scene, but is given new life in the child's imagination, expressionistically conveyed by the directors.
In chapter 3, the author positively reassesses Canavesio's poorly esteemed artistic skills by explaining that he expressionistically manipulated gestures, postures, and space to emphasize psychological states and to encourage empathy.
Almost expressionistically, the worms thus help project Clara's psyche.
I suppose you could say of the early Bridge that he was England's answer to France's Debussy and Ravel, weaving intricate little tapestries of light and color, musical portraits that impressionistically and expressionistically touch the heart and soul.
THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER ``Charles Laughton's only film as a director is a chilling moral fable of greed, innocence, sin and corruption, hauntingly acted and expressionistically shot.
The vitality of the man is expressionistically represented in sound (drums, his singing, the women's chattering), movement (Elesin's dance), and sight (the colorful nature of the goods, (7) etc.
Metaphysically stratified, lexically refined, rich in imagery, and expressionistically intoned, Danilov's poetry represents a unique transposition of what he has seen, experienced, and dreamed and imbues it all with lyrical, epic, and dramatic harmony.
Images are of airplanes and other infernal machines and objects interpreted expressionistically and symbolically.
King del Rey and Woman Downtown's relationship plays itself out against a nightmarish background of unrest and chaos, expressionistically suggested in this at times hallucinatory, stream-of-consciousness play through ominous Wasteland sounds of wolf calls, warning trumpets, and quadraphonically distorted music, and through lights from flares and explosions of"soft drink bottles with nitro" as draft resisters blow up police squad cars and the National Guard is called out.