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Synonyms for expressionist

an artist who is an adherent of expressionism

of or relating to expressionism

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With our special aesthetic largely influenced by Balanchine's single-minded construction of a classic tradition from the ground up, we in America tend to be suspicious of balletic storytelling, even symbolism, imagery, and the wilder thickets of the expressionist jungle.
Not since the 1960s has such an exhibition been seen in this country, where not a single significant German expressionist painting hangs in a museum, according to co-curator Stephanie Barron.
GD Expressionist enables us to handle and analyse efficiently substantial amount of experimental data, and forms a key element of our genomics strategy.
Instead, its curators continually question the idea of the artist as an autonomous creator, a paramount myth of the postwar abstract expressionist movement.
However, it is precisely the taste for lengthy accounts of the careers of such Abstract Expressionists that has set the wheels of publishing in motion for the present tome.
Whereas all the other troupes and schools trace their background to the Denishawn influence of Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey, Louis-Nikolais comes more from the German school of expressionist dance, from Mary Wigman, via her student and their teacher, Hanya Holm.
She has been labeled variously an impressionist, romanticist, colorist or expressionist and numbers among her influences Pierre Auguste Renoir, Vasily Kandinsky, Pierre Bonnard - artists whose works range from impressionism to abstractionism - and some of the expressionists.
Products include Maple V, its flagship product, a complete mathematical problem-solving and visualization system; MathView, a compact "click-&-solve" math and graphing tool; and Expressionist, an equation typesetting utility.
What Tanztheater Wuppertal comes down to is psychodrama of high specifics tempered with a healthy dose of expressionist absurdity.
King's choreography morphs ballet into the more expressionist territory of modern dance.
Among its renowned holdings are French Impressionist, German Expressionist, American and Flemish paintings; Italian, African, Asian, Native American, Egyptian and 20th-century art; and Diego Rivera's finest fresco, "Detroit Industry," in the museum's central courtyard.
Least known on all counts was Eve Gentry's 1936 Tenant of the Street, given a performance by Newhall as harrowing as an expressionist woodcut.
Its products include Maple V, a complete mathematical problem-solving and visualization system; Theorist, a compact "Click & Solve" math and graphing tool; and Expressionist, an equation typesetting utility.
Any art made between 1940 and 1980 that is not figurative, not expressionist, not narrative, and not too "Greenbergian" qualifies.
The latter is characterized by repeated geometric shapes and gestures that are almost expressionist in places, such as the strong movements of a hand opening up, then tightening into a fist--the hand that is later to have a deadly stranglehold on Desdemona.