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Synonyms for expressionist

an artist who is an adherent of expressionism

of or relating to expressionism

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Works of exegesis dedicated to expressionism operate close to romanticism and neo-romanticism, and the aesthetic expressionist programmes remain confusing, pathetic, vague.
Genedata Expressionist addresses rapidly evolving needs in major biopharmaceutical R&D organizations to automate complex data analysis processes for mass spectrometry, a key technology for biotherapeutics characterization.
Aside from SansO, Banson draws from the traditions of Bauhaus, Paul Klee and even abstract expressionist Mark Rothko to imbue her canvases with a sense of buoyancy, springing each abstracted object alive with her fantastic eye for detail.
Did I fail to mention that Expressionists always paint self-portraits?
The categorical circle is truly unbroken and the analytical confinement to the brief Expressionist era foreshortens ways of thinking familiar to cultural studies.
One such supposed miracle cure is Helena Rubenstein's new Expressionist cream.
Like Thelonious "Monk" Ellison--the avant-garde novelist who reworks Greek myths, college professor who parodies Roland Barthes's poststructuralist criticism in S/Z, and protagonist whose name is a conflation of the highly innovative black modernist bebop musician Thelonius Monk and the expressionist novelist Ralph Ellison--Everett chooses in Erasure to erase or nullify his African American identity in his transgressive quest for freedom and wholeness as an artist.
Elliot befriends an artist living in a shack near the fort; the man is a German, an expressionist painter.
Nor does it have the spectral moodiness of his late philosophical expressionist masterpieces, such as The Ghost Sonata or A Dream Play (which avant-garde maestro Robert Wilson staged beautifully in a production for Stockholm's Stadsteater, seen last year at the Brooklyn Academy of Music).
Expressionist artists were not trying to reproduce what they could see but were trying to make their feelings visible.
A well-spoken narrator describes the transition from the Regionalist Movement of Wood, Curry, and Benton, to the mid-century dominance of the Abstract Expressionist School.
His accounts of ideology-critique, aesthetic autonomy, epistemological skepticism and anti-organicism are lucid and deft, as are his discussions of their attendant techniques: montage, satire, expressionist epic, the rhetoric of melodrama, and satire.
Now, Abstract Expressionist prints are enjoying an upsurge of interest, spurred by a traveling museum show and by hip, young collectors furthering their love affairs with all things mid-century and modern.
A PAINTING by an expressionist painter who fled Nazi Germany after Hitler branded the style of art "degenerate" is expected to fetch up to pounds 8 million when it goes under the hammer.
German filmmakers of the 1920s added art to the mix, employing expressionist artists as set designers.