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an art movement early in the 20th century

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So, now you know what German Expressionism is, youAaAaAeA{Ere all set f an event which aims to AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA relate the past to the present, putting emph on the significant influence of the movement to the future development of cinema, television, comics and contemporary pop culture from Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock to Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro.
The ambiguity of expressionism is a constant in the related field of exegesis.
Expressionism and its deformation in contemporary Chinese theater is the focus as Hsiung (applied Chinese language, National Taiwan Normal U.
Yet the connection between Wolfe and expressionism is much deeper and broader, though it may reach its most compelling manifestation in The Party at Jack's.
Expressionism art lets people do whatever they want and, most importantly, tells them nothing is wrong in what they create; that art is for anybody with or without prior experience.
Instead of pursuing the increasing austerities of Abstract Expressionism, Wilson applied its techniques of effacement and consequent expansion to references from the natural world in paintings which intriguingly present the fullness of nature as in impressionism while also presenting the distance, or otherness, of nature, as abstract expressionism holds itself apart.
Although much sought after for his portraits, where he captures well the character of his subject, he prefers abstract expressionism, and of media, he prefers oils.
PRINT] EXPRESS YOURSELF: Activities and Adventures in Expressionism (2005; $12.
A Companion to the Literature of German Expressionism.
The internationally acclaimed artist and creator of "Mystical Expressionism," Jamali, has leased 2,500 s/f of highly visible ground floor retail space with a lower level of 2,200 s/f, at 413 West Broadway in SoHo for his first ever New York City art gallery, Jamali Fine Art.
So the section on Modernism comprises expressionism, usonianism, constructivism, purism, rationalism, skyscraperism(
The exhibition fell roughly into three parts, of which the first presented a familiar mystery: How do Richter's squeegeed abstractions, utterly strange in their fusion of Expressionism and impersonality, manage both to seduce through their color and detail and to put ravishment out of reach through what Arthur Danto has called their "protective cool"?
Expressionism was an art movement in which the intensity of the artist's emotions was stressed over the tradition of naturalism.
Immediacy to the art work is hallmark of abstract expressionism or the New York School, a revolutionary art movement that shifted the center of artistic avant-garde from Europe to the United States.
He returned from war already trained in Western modern dance to forge a brand of pure expressionism fusing Noh traditions with German Ausdruckstanz.