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an art movement early in the 20th century

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In the same way that Rivera found a way to blend Marxist dogma with his homegrown, anarchistic Pan-Americanism, Rivera bent European expressionism into an expressive new bilingual art.
Curated by Jeffrey Wechsler of Rutgers University, the exhibition presents 150 paintings, sculptures and works on paper by a generation of Asian-American artists who merged traditional forms of East Asian art with Abstract Expressionism.
Not only Pollock's drawing, but also works by Frankenthaler, Hofmann, Dzubas, and Adolph Gottlieb, represent Abstract Expressionism.
As 20th-century art moved from surrealism to abstract expressionism to cryptic installations and opaque assemblages, Villaneda believes that certain things tended to get lost.
Drug culture-related material is connected with Rundquist's art, which is called "psyche expressionism.
Play and Grief," for example, established a nexus between an agonized expressionism and a clever freedom with materials; "Cryptic and Committed" showed the interrelation of two facets of conceptualism--political activism and an exploration of the enigmas of representation; and "Touch and Gaze" traced the eruption of the corporeal into the optical traditions of visual art.
Willem de Kooning, whose swirls and slashes of color helped define abstract expressionism and made him one of the 20th century's greatest painters, died in his studio Wednesday.
The year 1963 also saw the Berlin Philharmonic opened, important because its architect, Hans Scharoun, represented a connection back to the German expressionism of the inter-war years.
The goal of the exhibition is to give viewers an accurate reflection of Hodler's range, showing him at work in several styles including realism, symbolism and expressionism.
The sleekness of their molding and initial appearance of precision suggest compliance with a trend toward the hyper-real that has defined much recent sculpture (especially from Los Angeles), but their energy and the traces registered by their surfaces signal a kind of expressionism.
There is, however, a whole spectrum of genres for those just trying to get their bearings: the German Expressionism of Jooss' ``The Green Table''; an anti-war satire preserved by the late Robert Joffrey (the two choreographers are shown talking in a two-second clip
For most of the century, the cultural richness of Vienna has tended to overshadow the rest of Austria, but since the mid-1970s, regionally based movements, from the constructive-economic Graz School to the organic expressionism of the Vorarlberger Baukunstler, have highlighted other aspects of Austrian architecture.
After Abstract Expressionism eradicated representational imagery.
Likewise, the advances Weine brought to "Caligari," one of the major films in the German expressionism movement, are apparent in "Frankenstein" and "Dracula.