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Synonyms for expression

Synonyms for expression

the act or an instance of expressing in words

vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

the act or process of describing in lifelike imagery

something that takes the place of words in communicating a thought or feeling

a sound or combination of sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning

a word or group of words forming a unit and conveying meaning

a disposition of the facial features that conveys meaning, feeling, or mood

Synonyms for expression

the feelings expressed on a person's face

the communication (in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions

a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement

(genetics) the process of expressing a gene

a group of words that form a constituent of a sentence and are considered as a single unit

the act of forcing something out by squeezing or pressing

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Presuming that activators of the GDF15 gene are expressed before this time point, we established a cDNA expression library from day 3 infarcted mouse hearts.
Considering HIV's relatively small genome, Barry's group has been looking at using an entire expression library as a "genomic vaccine" representing all or many of HIV's antigens.
Claim 32 now reads "an expression library comprising a repertoire of third CDR sequences, said sequences being located in an otherwise invariant VH gene.
Tan's contribution entitled "Oligodeoxynucleotide Expression Library for Discovery of Novel Antibiotics" is a review of the results of their work in the development of DNA compounds that are highly effective against antibacterial resistant strains.