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capable of being expressed

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Formal evidence of irreducibility: Input streams of interaction machines are not expressible by finite tapes, since any finite representation can be dynamically extended by uncontrollable adversaries.
The utterance of "June is not at home" is then, in that situation, the assertion of an argument (or a part of one), with a conclusion expressible as, "Something (unusual?
Instead, God is the "ultimate event of communication," nameable cognitively and existentially as the Hegelian "dialectic of identity, difference, and mediation," open to description in more personal tens as "the One who loves in freedom," and finally expressible symbolically as "God, world, and Spirit.
At that point, the voltage difference will be entirely expressible in terms of the single unknown Ci.
If it's imaginable, it is expressible; if it's expressible, then it is also personal, sacred, and inscrutable.
The firm, whose attitude toward risk is expressible by a von Neumann-Morgenstern utility function U([pi]), is risk averse (i.
In keeping with the IP-XACT goals of being language- and design-style neutral, the XML schema supports a wide range of transaction-level modeling (TLM) styles expressible in a range of HDLs, including SystemVerilog and SystemC.
Adding the concentrate significantly increased the pH of the raw formulations and the cook yield, the expressible moisture and the water-holding capacity of the steam-cooked sausages, as compared to the control--sausage without any concentrate.
The Offer Price - Numerically expressible criterion Weight 100.
So as we watch this young man react to different intellectual heritages, we get a sense of a mind growing and that's committed to pluralism, to what Cherniss describes, in somewhat windy prose, as "the view that genuinely, intrinsically valuable, 'objective' values are plural in their sources and/or justifications (and thus independent of one another), not expressible by or convertible into any common measurement nor rankable in any stable hierarchy, and apt to come into (sometimes irresolvable) conflicts.
Pone made use of the additive nature of Ostwald's system and selected colours and the consecutive cross-hues in the logic expressible by the sequence of their ordinal numbers itself: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc.
Proximate analysis, dietary fibre and expressible water: The moisture, protein, fat and ash content of guava powder, emulsion and cooked goat meat nuggets as well as dietary fibre in guava powder and meat product were determined by the methods of AOAC (1995).
But why should we assume that everything the Liar says is expressible by one single proposition?
Recep Gocer, another Turkish participants to convoy said, this journey could not be expressible but lived.
On the other hand, the majority of the "modern" papers referring to Presburger arithmetic is concerned with the natural numbers where the order relation is unnecessary as it is first-order expressible in (N; +}.