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Synonyms for expressed

communicated in words

precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable

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The top management at TSA both intrinsically and expressedly appreciates, values and rewards these elements in its students and work team.
However, Peter Bajomi-Lazar, a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford, fears the EU has not contested some of the potentially most dangerous provisions of the "Media Constitution" and the Media Law -- namely those that stipulate that "[t]he media content may not offend or discriminate against -- whether expressedly or by implication -- persons, nations, communities, national, ethnic, linguistic and other minorities or any majority as well as any church or religious groups" (Article 17 of the Media Constitution).
When Elias Lonnrot, the famous compiler of Kalevala and Kanteletar, published his flora Suomen Kasvisto (Lonnrot 1860)--the first of its kind in Finnish, he expressedly relied on Nylander and Saelan not only in systematics but also in geographical definitions, i.
The Stark laws expressedly prohibit any sort of direct financial inducements for referrals, hence there is no obligation for a physician who accepts EHR help to refer patients to that hospital.
41) While detecting immigration fraud is an important duty across these federal agencies, the activities described below are expressedly aimed at immigration fraud.
Mobile career centers, totally accessible and manned with navigators, are set up and linked by satellite, expressedly to ensure that people with disabilities are included in the reconstituted workforce.
He expressedly stated that the aim was to protect the Jewishness of Israel anal not to impose a theocracy.
The book expressedly looks at "the connections between micro and macro processes, between grassroots interactions and urban structures, between social theory and empirical data" in order to "provide a vivid picture of the great variety of urban forms, the social creativity in the slums of Bangkok, Manila, or Jakarta, the variety of cultural symbolism and the political and religious structuration of urban space" (p.