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give verbal or other expression to one's feelings

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Whether it's using emotes and body language to express feelings, reading and giving off poker tells or trying to intimidate opponents by showing off a range of chip tricks, PKR breathes life into the online game.
People use famous film lines to express feelings or even to replace an old chat-up line.
Entries must be completed on the standard school science fair tri-fold display boards and can depict peace and harmony in any form the child wishes to express feelings.
FUN: Dan, right, with his brother Antony; POIGNANT: Some cards drawn by Daniel's schoolmates to express feelings
A journal to write in and express feelings or a memory box for treasures may be just what the mourner needs.
There has been an obvious surge in demand for American flags this past year as our country rallied to visibly express feelings of patriotism," says Matthew Moog, president and CEO of CoolSavings, Inc.
By allowing yourself to express feelings of hurt and anger, you can start to work through your feelings and begin to feel good about yourself again and accept you can't keep him tied to you purely for your sake.
Teen Love: A Journal On Relationships" provides teens with a variety of opinions and stories from both the teen and adult perspectives and gives them a place to express feelings they may not normally have outlets to express.
the means for animators to express feelings and personality
Eva's practice is about helping women express feelings not about visiting dungeons.
Express feelings and fears so we can avoid misunderstandings.
This Valentine's Day, as in years past, one of the most popular ways to express feelings of love is through a Cookie Cake.
Desperate for him to grow up as a normal youngster, not cursed with the Windsor inability to express feelings.
He said that Flag Day represents an opportunity to express feelings cherished by the people of UAE for the leadership.
He said users of the site wanted to express feelings other than 'liking'.