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give verbal or other expression to one's feelings

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The younger generations of male and female youths possess more ability to verbally express feelings of love and other forms such as sacrifice and dedication in serving and pleasing the other partner," he said.
I want my eulogy to be a list of things that annoyed me It's OK to express feelings if you run away fast when you're done.
Participants who were classified as neurotic were found to be easily distressed and more likely to express feelings such as anger, worry, guilt, envy, and depression.
Meebie facilitates emotional learning by allowing kids to express feelings and events through play.
ly has introduced a new bookmarklet, called Bitly for Feelings, which not only lets you to customise URLs but also express feelings about the content shared.
He said both companies delegation's visit to El- Fasher to express feelings towards the release of the four abductees reflects the nobility and originality of the Chinese people; who have old deeply rooted ties of friendship and cooperation with the Sudanese people.
Talking with a child about a lost pet allows the child to express feelings and ask questions.
During the march, the people expressed meanings of love and loyalty for the builder of the blessed renaissance and feelings of gratitude for the development achievements that covered various fields, carrying the photos of His Majesty, the Sultanate's flag and the placards that express feelings of loyalty.
of Amsterdam) considers the plural Powers of the title: religion empowers people in diverse ways and at various levels, can help express feelings of powerlessness, and can also lead to disempowerment of insiders and outsiders in a religious community.
Many express feelings of anxiety when faced with mathematics tasks resulting in poor dispositions and understandings.
It's difficult to express feelings about being caught in a pressure cooker, especially for adolescents and teens.
Most of the information in the book is based on sound approaches to grief work: the need to express feelings rest exercise healthy eating and finding support through faith family and friends.
McGuinness has opened a new counseling business, Play by the Bay, which offers play therapy, a psychotherapeutic exercise where children use toys and play to nonverbally express feelings and emotions.
2 : likely to show or express feelings <He gets emotional at weddings.
Early on I found I could express feelings and thoughts in these little abstractions.