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give verbal or other expression to one's feelings

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But this research shows that in fact, make us better communicators and better able to express emotions.
But if faces are valuable because they express emotion, and a fetus (at a certain stage of development) cannot yet express or experience emotion, then the conclusion that fetuses are valuable, or are 'persons', does not follow.
Individuals most often use body language to express emotion.
In addition, the right anterior hemisphere injured patient may appear indifferent and unemotional, unable to express emotion in tone or gesture, although they are indeed experiencing emotion.
As men change their views of women, this argument seems to go, they also change their views of their own experience and aspirations; they learn to express emotion freely, to rethink love and ambition and wan If true, this is tremendously important.
Even those who would not normally express emotion in any situation, find a voice when it comes to their beloved team.
Many of us find it easier to express emotion by buying a card than by putting across feelings in our own words.
That would be fitting as Rogers's greatest gift to Madigan was to help pull him from a debilitating depression to an ability to express emotion and thus, to heal.
An excellent read-aloud picturebook to express emotion and boost very young children's self-esteem.
5 litre engine pod has U-shaped grooves that light up to express emotion, the headlights positioned mid-way to look like eyes and side-mirrors postioned to look like ears.
To me, the most extraordinary aspect of his dancing is its naturalness--Baryshnikov behaves as though it were natural to express emotion, of every sort, in the positions of the classical dance.
It's a great creative outlet and way to express emotion and feelings.
The poems of Heinrich Heine, the songs of William Shakespeare, and Scottish border ballads were Housman's models, from which he learned to express emotion yet keep it at a certain distance.
And lights on the face are said to express emotion.
Activity areas include reading, building a child's confidence, showing how to express emotion, helping a child learn to plan, and communicating openly.