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It expounds the methodology of historical anthropology that is ethnography over time.
Unfortunately, ``Cabin Pressure'' expounds on this concept at such length, and with so much earnest theorizing, that this 80-minute, intermissionless show might leave you feeling as if you've been trapped between two windy college professors on a charter flight to Reno.
In the first part, the author expounds on "the information you need," where Latin America is coming from and where it's going, together with an enlightening panorama of mutual funds, ADRs, investment strategies, emerging markets within the region and offshore investing.
Author Gore Vidal expounds on his distaste for sexual labels--and a lot more--in excerpts from his new collection, Gore Vidal: Sexually Speaking
Trying to sound like a sage elder statesman rather than a historical footnote, Hart expounds on such vague notions as the value "of leaving to our children a better nation than we found," "the hopes of a generation," and the fact that "our national strength is .
Professional ebXML Foundations expounds upon the ebXML Specification developed by OASIS and UN/CEFACT, an 18-month project concluded in May 2001 to develop a set of specifications for electronic business interoperability.
His 1996 book, ``Making Sense of Sports,'' expounds on this premise.
Indeed, throughout this book Ross provides sharply focussed discussions of particular passages that he skillfully expounds in contexts of often far-reaching significance.
At a more subtle level, the invasion by white foreigners expounds one of the underlying problems of the island at large.
He further expounds upon selective memory and how those memories may have both positive and negative impact.