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a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic

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However, the judiciary's role when expounding on such matters is, if not straightforward in fact, (5) at least relatively clear in theory.
Nesi was apparently intrigued by certain "exercises" two monks, Luca and Marco, had separately performed by way of expounding upon "collections of short phrases" or symbola.
Then get out there among the trees and go to worklMost any good bookstore has a variety of books expounding on trees.
In the course of expounding this thesis, the author reminds us that there was much not to like in Dean Acheson--his tireless efforts, for example, on behalf of the racist Rhodesian regime that fought through the latter 1960s and 1970s to preserve white minority rule in what is now Zimbabwe.
The paper's first chapter sets the context by expounding several prevailing philosophies and definitions of KM as well as theories on the nature of knowledge itself.
Richard Move is expounding on his alter ego, Martha--a present-day reincarnation of choreographic goddess Martha Graham.
Despite Yeang's Martin Centre-influenced way of expounding his ideas, his vision of a permeable, green, self-sustaining environment is as romantic as technocratic -- a new Malaysian vernacular, updated, rethought and well above the new highways and the trees.
The vast majority of Lampe's work focuses on expounding and improving the record of Douglass's abolitionist activities from August 1841 through August 1845.
At the same time, one heard the sound of three tape-recorded voices: a woman reading historical data on hysteria; a teenage girl playing the alter ego of Freud's Dora; and a man expounding at length on medical photography.
A number of the stories - not all of them written by women - do a remarkably good job of expounding the plight of women in the various machista societies of the Caribbean.
She offers consolation for his grief, expounding the way of salvation and the place of human life in the divine order of things.
Pink Sheets:PRRM) issued this brief statement expounding upon past releases regarding the retirement and cancellation of three billion shares of the company's common stock held by Prime Rate Investors President Dan Burgess: no compensation was given to Mr.
No, but giving Chatterjee some poetic license, at least in terms of expounding on theories, strategies can certainly be made safer.
Bush joined the teen workers for a few minutes, donning a pair of new leather gloves and dumping a dozen shovelfuls of dirt into deep ruts on the trail and expounding on the joys of ``good aerobic exercise.